What Are the Odds?

Found At Dallas Road Beach

Found At Dallas Road Beach

Ok, which one  of you planted this for me to find?!

I’m strolling along yesterday afternoon down at JJ’s favorite off-leash beach … and plunk myself down on a log to soak up the delicious sun.

When a rock perched further along the log catches my eye.

What’s that … it has something written on it?

Is that an icon?

What’s that … hmmm, that looks like a “C” doesn’t it?

Yup, its a C.

Hmmmm, that’s kind of amazing … guess that is suppose to be my rock.

Thanks universe, Aunt Rose Mary, mischievous fairies or whomever left that for me.

Alignment message received loud and clear!

Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach and Interactive-Visuals Mentor


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