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Wclip-eyeofthestormell, it’s started … my yearly plunge into the underworld, haha. Every year when the day light shifts and we move into the last months I go into deep processing and reflecting … about what’s next and what is most important to me now. It’s all a prelude to the shifts that will come in the New Year when we move back into an expansion rather than contraction phase.

This year I’ve got some really interesting topics top of mind (at least I think they are interesting). Given the increasingly gloomy environment of war, strife, economics, environmental degradation, etc. I’m very much feeling the pull to even more dedicate my focus to being a counter to the dark we often see around us as we move through our current transitional period.

I’m extremely privileged to work with seasoned and up-and-coming Process Professionals from around the globe. Who are on the front lines of a wide spectrum of process work being done with groups and individuals. From straight up corporate work to the furthest reaches of the so-called fringe.

clip-peacedoveWhat I’m privy to is amazing. There is such good work going on from very dedicated practitioners, who roll up their sleeves (and arm their fingers with markers) to work on the issues of our day wherever they are positioned. I feel it is extremely important to support these folks who are fighting the good fight. It’s not easy work but its honorable, brave and so, so, so needed.

I also feel I need to personally develop more of an understanding and maturity of the underbelly, the dark and the shadow. In order to understand how to help myself and others effectively navigate through it. Real change management. As such, I’m increasing my studies in trauma, energy medicine, and meditative/depth work.

clip-energiesIt’s not necessarily fun, although it is fascinating. And so is the sense of sovereignty, power and strength that comes from looking at these darker aspects and figuring out how to obtain dominion from them. Not be so scared. Reclaim our energies and galvanize our light.

I know that is general and high level and a little amorphous. I’m in the midst of researching several approaches and will get more specific on what I’m studying and integrating in the weeks and months ahead, so more details coming. For now, I’ll just say I’m excited and anticipate this impacting the process work I do and even some of the ways I can help support other practitioners too.

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