A Note From Christina

clip-walkingfireAre things intense in your life? Feeling a ramp up of energy? Me too! According to some of the spiritual communities I am a part of, things are indeed heating up in the transformational process of our planet — a bifurcation (splitting) happening between the various energies and stances that folks operate at their core from (i.e. fear or love). Turning into two earths, at least at the vibrational level.

clip-heart-fireChoosing love ain’t easy. We all have defensive and reactive parts within us (that get mirrored in the angst we draw to us or view around us or on the world stage). I’m becoming EVEN more aware of when I get activated, what sets me off, what is REALLY going on inside of me (hopefully before I act) … and then doing the Inner Work (Orphan Rescue, energy work and other methods) to integrate whatever the heck it is. Transmutation! It’s not easy, and it’s a human and humbling process at times however I do feel it’s a good mission to be aligned with. And just going about my work and life gives me plenty to work with!

global-communityAnother thing that is happening, that has been at the back of my mind for a while, which is heating up now … is the desire to provide some sort of ongoing community for those who have graduated from my various programs. My courses, be they visual or personal growth related, are powerful experiences for those who stick with them. Often when courses end, things are mid-process for the participants. Not a fault of the course structure per se (at least I hope) but more the nature of the topics that are covered and how they often provoke catalytic change that requires additional time for integration and implementation.

The Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals is a good example. Whether taken in the 3-day in-person version or the 9-week online version, it’s a powerhouse. We just get the basics properly covered and a great community formed when its time to end. Same goes for SHIFT-IT Online, by the end of the 7-weeks we’ve really bonded and great inner change has begun. But often we don’t know what happens after that. How did things go? How did things play out? Do you need help, encouragement and support?

I do offer advanced programs and private coaching, so that is one way participants can take responsibility for their ongoing development. However, I’m going to also start offering no-fee, peer-oriented forums for my graduates … where, if they would like to, they can continue to interact with others who have been through the same program (whether their cohort or others).

Sooooo, if you have been through an Outer Work or Inner Work class of mine, heads up that we’ll be sending out invites to the various peer forums soon, starting with “The Interactive-Visuals eCommunity“. I hope they will be a well-used and useful resource for those who want them.

Well, that’s a longer than usual note from me, so I’ll end it here. In short, things are a poppin’. This issue’s article is along the visual vein, a video excerpt from a recent training session where I do an overview of the common formats used in graphic recording and other visual ways of working (i.e. studio work, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching/counseling).

Yours in SHIFTing IT,
Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach
& Interactive-Visuals Mentor

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