[Los Angeles] See Alum Andrea Spyros at the Success Signature Attunement SUMMIT

Andy is a great gal … know her through my co-workshops with The THEO Group from a few years back. She part of the big Success Atunement Summit coming up next month in L.A. And she’s been selected by Jennifer McLean & Mary Hall to one of only 20 healers at the event (which is a big deal … way to go Andy!).

Going to be in the area? She’s asked me to help get the word out, which I’m happy to do … great conference for spiritual and energy minded peeps.

See info below ….


Andrea Spyros


Hi, I’m Andrea Spyros, nice to meet you!

My background is in business, in fact, many don’t know I have a business degree from one of the top business schools in the US (University of Michigan Ross School of Business) I spent many years working for US retail giants and then moved to open my own gift shop…what was to become a landmark gift shop in Los Angeles CA: Handmade Galleries LA. After 18 years of business and four years treating my Soul like a small child (you know, just WAIT and I will get to you) I finally decided to listen and with a bittersweet goodbye closed my business in the Spring of 2013. Even though I had developed my intuitive and healing talents little did I know I was stepping into the Unknown. Fast forward to today. I have not only honed my gifts, but also expanded on the energetics I use combining them alchemically to create powerful protocols for success, health and wealth. I have been chosen by Jennifer McLean and Mary A Hall as one of only 20 healers they will have at their event. I will be providing my own intuitive business consults combined with healing and balancing energy so that those at the event will be able to gain insight into what will unlock and unblock their business success and so that they can process and integrate those energies more easily.

As a gift to those that register for The Success Atunement Summit, I would love to offer you a mini intuitive healing consult session. Just email me at after you’ve registered and we’ll sort out the details: IntuitiveBusinessGuides@gmail.com

Conference Details:
Success Atunement Summit

January 15th – 17th, 2015

January 15th: 10AM through evening
January 16th: 10AM to evening
January 17th: 10AM to 4PM

Hotel near LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Hotel details will be sent once you register.

Casual. But conference room may get chilly so bring layers.

The value of this event is immeasurable… but in today’s market would be about $5,000 retail value. See your investment below…

1) CLICK HERE  to register and use the $400 off coupon: SSATTUNEMENT

2) You will pay $97 at checkout… AND that WILL BE RETURNED to you at the event in the form of a crisp, $100 bill (so you’ll make a profit of $3).

3) Show up in Los Angeles for January 15th – 17th, ready to DISCOVER your purpose and chart a course to WILD SUCCESS.

4) Be prepared to receive your keys to Success and Abundance. You will leave with an expanded successful and abundance foundation permanently engrained in your system.

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