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This issue is a little late. I have a good excuse … my kundalini ate my homework! For those who aren’t sure what the heck kundalini is (and why I would be talking about it publicly) well, its universal energy that runs through all of us. We are literally made of it at an energy level (otherwise known as chi, prana, etc). And I think it’s healthy to talk directly about stuff rather than skirt it.

jan-26Mostly kundalini lies dormant in us, operating in the background. Sometimes it ignites in unforeseen and overwhelming ways (spiritual emergencies). Thankfully mine, while unforeseen at the beginning, hasn’t been overwhelming. What started out as a trickle a few years ago is now a steady stream. Much more energy is flowing through me and I’m having to figure out how to open up to it and ground it through my body in some way.

lifeonlandI have good support through my BodyTalk community. And this weekend I learned about and experienced Continuum Movement via lovely Sarah Pidutti… which was amazing. Continuum (the life’s work of somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad) helped the energy move through me in ways it hasn’t before. It’s also very reassuring to be around people who understand what kundalini is and don’t think it’s completely strange.

I’m at the stage where I still think it’s weird and a little scary. My left-brain worries what this means for my nicely stable life (it doesn’t like change). While my right brain is fascinated and excited to see where this all leads. Frankly, it reminds me of the state that some of my students are in when they encounter me and my SHIFT-IT and visual work. Half of their psyche is raring to go (as it’s the part that deposited them at my website). While the other half is wary and concerned for the impact on their status quo.

space-cosmosIt’s good for me to remember what this feels like. I felt this 20+ years ago when I first encountered Graphic Recording. That particular combo of excitement laced with apprehension … that comes when I know, if I choose to continue, that I will never be the same. That a whole new world exists out there, that beacons. That it will be a process with lots of steps to embody it. That it isn’t foolish. In actuality it’s intelligent, wise and just a little bit magical in its timing and how it enters my life.

I wrote this issue’s article earlier in the week after a series of Exploratory Chats with potential clients. Called “Are You Foolish to Want to Use Innovative Methods?“ It’s about the siren call of the visual skills and other things that I teach and hold space for. And how some folks need reassurance that they aren’t foolish for being attracted to them.

After my experiences this weekend, I have an even greater compassion and tenderness for folks who are captured by something they don’t quite fully understand yet. May we all be able to relax and more fully trust our unfolding process … whether our introduction is to visuals or kundalini! And be rest assured that our Higher Selves know exactly what they are doing!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

The SHIFT-IT Coach
& Interactive-Visuals Mentor

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