A Note From Christina

Welcome to 2016!

Another year is upon us. I LOVE the shift that a New Year brings. After the condensed feel of November and December (those dark, small days), I really adore the divergent energy that springs forth. Everything opens up and is full of possibility!

What will this New Year bring? What will happen to each of us as individuals? What will happen to our collective-at-large? The stakes are getting higher and higher for our lovely planet. The contrast is really picking up steam. Giving us increasingly large issues and problems to push up against and exercise our free choice about. Which way will we go? Will we turn the ship?

When the stakes are high, I take solace in knowing that every human is VERY powerful, if they care to focus that power (and focus it in ways that will help rather than harm).

As human beings we are gifted with focus, concentration, heart and the ability to co-create through visioning and aligned action. Each of us has an energetic vote in what goes on in our world and which scenarios we ultimately co-create.

mini-retreat-coverAt this special time of year I always gift my MINI SHIFT-IT RETREAT  – 4 Visuals Maps with instructions to assist you in creating your vision and plan for the year ahead (and energetically aligning with it). See the Main Article in today’s issue.

This year we have updated this gift, finally making it a full-on eBook and adding color!

This Mini Retreat is great for individuals, couples, families, partners and teams to focus your thoughts and feelings about what’s next for you. You can do it quick or be luxurious about the time you take to complete it. The results will be well worth the time you put into it!

And, a reminder, if you also care to focus your sights on the larger planetary issues we are all facing, see the Planetary Visioning Tool I shared a few months back. We need as many people as possible focusing their creation powers on what would truly serve our planet and humanity. Every vote counts at the crossroads we stand at!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,
The SHIFT-IT Coach
& Process Skills Mentor

P.S. To further ride the creative energies of this special time of year, starting TODAY and running until January 5th, I’m hosting a New Years Event, on all upcoming 2016 courses and also on private coaching and private training.


Get professional support to help you fulfill your role in the evolutionary puzzle that is under way in our world. Whether it’s getting Visual Skills into your toolkit, taking your existing ones to the next level, honing your business development, doing the next layer of your personal inner work, or clarifying what’s next for you in work or life!

P.P.S. Also, BEST DEALS of the decade to be had for many of you who are outside of Canada (given all of my offerings are in Canadian currency) … an additional 30%!

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