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Welcome to 2016! Hope this new year is treating you well!

vis-ebook-giftA reminder that last issue I gifted a Visual eBook … instructions on how to do a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat, complete with 4 Visual Maps.

Great way to integrate 2015 and set your outward focus and internal energy for 2016.

So check that out if you missed it.

So far, I’m having a productive 2016.  Been working away on a much needed site refresh.  I’ve revamped two course pages so far: SHIFT-IT Online and Fundamentals of Working Visually.  And will be working on a third soon: Visual Coach Certification.

Simon Amidst His Photography Gear

Simon Amidst His Photography Gear

To go along with the site refresh, I need new photos.  Yesterday local photographer Simon DesRochers came by to take some new shots.

The blond ones he took two years ago make me cringe now. Not a good thing when you have to be on your own web site as much as I have to, ugghhh.

I’ve spent the last year plus growing my natural hair color out (ladies you KNOW what a process THAT can be, LOL).  Now have an authentic salt and pepper mane.  I kinda like it and it sure is WAY less maintenance!  Simon’s new shots coming soon.

Now, moving jarringly from the superficial to the deep (sorry for the whiplash) … let me segue to what this issue’s article is about.  In the Practical Energy Work course currently running, we just had a session on Stress and Trauma and the leading edge modalities that help people deal with these challenging issues in their lives.

This is such important information that I wanted to share it publicly to help get the word out to folks who need it.  Am also including a video interview I recently did with Vladimir Stojakovic, a skilled practitioner of the PEAT Process … one of the modalities that successfully reduces energetic charge.

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& Process Skills Mentor

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