Inspiring Examples of Deep Inner Work

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As a Process Professional who helps groups and individuals think, feel and make important decisions, I’m on a life-long learning path about how to efficiently move myself and my clients out of ruts that threaten to keep us stuck.

Some ruts are quite easy to get out of. They require a little bit of drawing out of the various angles and options until the obvious right action pops out. However other ruts are much more difficult, especially the entrenched ones that have layers of history to them and lots of heightened emotion.

Over the years of working with various groups and individuals hosting various kinds of events and processes, I’ve slowly but surely become more comfortable with heightened emotion and seemingly stuck situations.

And I’ve learned that breakthroughs often lie on the other side of heightened emotion, if we can only bear with discomfort long enough to get there.

I didn’t start out this way in my process career. Frankly quite the opposite. I did everything in my power to avoid triggers and emotions in my client work (and in my life) and did my best to keep things in the seemingly rational and orderly territory of the ‘left-brain’. Like that was somehow more mature and required than acknowledging and dealing with the emotions in the room. Boy, did I learn the opposite over time. It’s in traversing the emotions, going right into them in a skilled way, where true maturity and necessity lie.

Lately I’ve been doing A LOT of deep process work, in my own personal inner work and with the clients I serve. From what I can see, from my vantage point of assisting fellow Process Professionals, a lot of us ‘process types’ are doing the same right now.

The heat is being turned up in our world, and many suppressed things are coming up into the light of day to be integrated for those courageous enough to do their inner work. We as individuals and as a collective are being called to put on our “big boy / big girl pants” and figure out how to more maturely deal with ‘the others’ in our life. Whether it’s someone who has hurt us, or someone we have hurt, or our reactions to the archetypal characters playing out similar themes before us on the world stage.

It’s not easy to deal with our individual and collective shadows. It requires a deep level of commitment and the development of skill, perspective and wisdom. Thankfully there are some human beings who are rising to the clarion call of our times and are doing their inner work. They are harbingers for all of us, we need more of this in our world!

A Few Examples of Mature Inner Work:
Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to show some of the deep inner work my clients are doing in containers I hold for them … but for now I can’t, it’s too confidential. However, below are a few examples of deep inner work that are public out on the web already that I like and appreciate.

They make me want to learn more about the dynamics of projection and transference and how to skillfully break that trance. How to get beyond the projection of ‘other’ in order to find out who is truly over there. And how when we do something horrendous, we can own it and make amends and the impact that can have for the one we have hurt and for ourselves.

Note: Sorry about the blunt headlines – I’m just taking them from the web as I found them.

I’m Afraid of Trump – The Work of Byron Katie

Innocent Man Forgives Crooked Cop That Framed Him

Raped Woman Forgives. They Do a Ted Talk Together.

All five of these folks have figured out how to get beyond their usual entrenched reactions to find peace and reconciliation on difficult situations.  They give us important clues about how to do it and how we can perhaps do it too, on the things that bind us.  Whether the ‘other side’ is willing to do the work or not. Thanks for reading and watching.

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