NYT Columnist Educates About Teenage Sexual Trauma

As a Process Profesional I’ve had coaching as part of my suite of offerings for close to two decades now. I’ve had the privilege of working with all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds, goals and desires.  My clients have taught me SO MUCH about the human condition and about fortitude, strength and dignity.

With current events its challenging what is arising from the collective unconscious about abuse, trauma and the shadow of what occurs in everyday life.  However I also wonder at the larger level if we are witnessing a bell curve of some sort.  A breakthrough that is happening on the societal and cultural levels about dark things that will no longer be kept in the shadows. They are coming up into the light.  One of those dark things is the sexual abuse of children and adolescents.  Difficult to really stare in the face, but stare we must.  In order to help the young victims shake off the projected feelings they carry in order to gain their sovereignty and power back.

Abuse of girls and women is more known and seen in our society. However abuse of boys and men is also unfortunately very high.  Forget about the politics this is nestled in. The sharing and educating that New York Times columnist Charles Blow is doing, gained from hard earned Inner Work about his own abuse, is really an important contribution to traumatic studies.  Good for him.  He impressively eduates his colleagues about some of the nuances of trauma and the long path it can take as an adult to integrate teenage era experience.

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