Scoping Out San Miguel de Allende, Mx

Spending 2 Weeks in quirkily fabulous San Miguel de Allende.

Paul Selig said in a reading I should check it out. He was right!

Attending Rhoda Draws Fast & Loose Sketching workshop during Day of Dead festivities.

Also a research trip for possibly offering my Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation training intensives here in winter season. Good idea? It won’t be until Winter 2020, but I’m getting a jump on figuring things out and making connections.

Some sketches below.  Being in the Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation field for the last 20+ years I’m fast and loose as it is.  However there is a TON I can still learn about fast depictions of faces, postures and humorous depictions.  Really appreciate Rhoda’s sketchy style as we don’t have a lot of time in GR/GF for ‘perfect’ artwork.  And I’m gonna stay a few more days to hopefully get some one-to-one tips and figure out details for bringing her into my courses so my students can benefit from her wisdom and expertise.

I think she’s my fav so far.

Mirror mirror on the wall …


Squiggly skeleton …

She’s got us working with ink … thin then thick lines.

We were suppose to do the infamous church in the square … but Gwenda was in my viewline so I did her doing the church instead.

Pick a window any window …
every window here is a work of art!


We were suppose to do two objects … one organic and one mechanical. I missed the mechanical.

This was blind drawing … close your eyes and go! Then you can open your eyes and add including color. Fun!

Sun/Moon wall hanging. Everywhere you look in this town there is art and crafts.

My crazy interpretation of a much nicer pillow case.

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