Shamanic Psychopomp Work

Just wrapped 4 day Shamanic Psychopomp course with Betsy Bergstrom in Seattle. This is a picture from her altar table.  A whole bevy of psychopomp allies from many traditions from around the world.  Betsy’s heritage is Icelandic I believe, so her Norse lineage understanding is a new one for me that I’ve finding very interesting.

Psychopomp Work is all about the death transition. And/or transitions between realms. I believe the word ‘psychopomp’ literally means orchestrator of souls.  Below is a shot of my notes … when I’m working on my own dime my notes are still visual, but often just basic.  Still helps me remember certain key concepts and ahhas from the shamanic journeys we are doing in the course.

Over the last decade I’ve slowly but surely been acquiring different kinds of shamanic skills and perspectives.  Surprisingly they work very well in my private SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching practice.  While I’m more publicly known for my Visual Skills practice and instruction.  My private clients know that I also have many Right Brain integration and alignment techniques to help them reach their goals.

The acquiring of these skills was motivated by both professional and personal reasons.  Professionally as a Coach I’ve consistently sought out additional skills that would aid my clients.  Shamanic skills are the latest of a long line of things I’ve studied.  Personally, around 2009, I had several paranormal experiences that necessitated learning more about the realms beyond normal waking life and normal consciousness.  I’ve been on a journey of bridging my professional leanings with my personal experiences ever since.

Visuals show up in all sorts of interesting ways.  Given it was a Right-Brain shamanistic course, there were plenty of card decks on hands.  I let higher intelligence reflect back to me each day by pulling a card from one of the decks.  I pulled one card each day, here they are for the first four days of her training.

This course is just the first level. I’ll most likely return to Seattle next week for the advanced level. However in the meantime I have two of my own courses to launch for this season.  Its been a busy time of juggling all of these things in my calendar but I didn’t want to have wait one more year until Besty offered these particular courses again.  So I’m just jumping in to get them done now.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Compassionate Depossession work that this program is all about is going to come in handy for some of my private clients.  More unfolding …

P.S.  I did opt to return and do the advanced course too.  And here they are from the four days of the Advanced training. Found it fascinating that the last card of the first workshop was the first card of the advanced workshop … OBSTACLES (and the cards had been shuffled!). Also TRANSFORMATION came up again … which says something about what is afoot for me in work and life.




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