Mexican “Fast and Loose” Sketching Retreat

I’m in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico accomplishing a multi-layered trip.

First off, I’m attending the Day of The Dead festivities … which if you have been reading my posts of the last year you know I’m doing a deep dive on the theme of death thanks to Mother Ayahuasca.

Secondly, I’m working on my sketching skills … participating in a Fast and Loose Sketching retreat with dynamo Rhoda Draws. Rhoda’s fast style is really compatible with the lightning fast work we need to do when we combine visuals with process work with groups (Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation) and visuals in process work with individuals (Graphic Coaching and Graphic Counseling).

Thirdly,  I’m checking out Rhoda and San Miguel for possible collaborations in the future for my own courses.  She’s game, so its looking like we’ll collaborate on an online Fast and Loose Sketching workshop in Spring 2019 … so stay tuned for more details.  As for in-person courses, it’ll take a bit longer … I’m thinking winter 2020. Most likely a good spot for in-person SHIFT-IT Retreats and Visual Coach Certification (may offer an in-person intensive for those who want a quicker route than my current online Certification program).

Ms Rhoda Draws doing her thing in the SMA cobble stone streets … wonderful afternoon sketching with wonderful quartet. We are from Canada, US and New Zealand.

Hmmm I’m looking a little chubby … I can be thin when I die. The Day of the Dead celebration is really healthy I think … wake up to mortality in order to really live.


I think she’s my fav so far.

Mirror mirror on the wall …


Squiggly skeleton …

She’s got us working with ink … thin then thick lines.

We were suppose to do the infamous church in the square … but Gwenda was in my view-line so I did her doing the church instead.

Pick a window any window …
every window here is a work of art!

Sun/Moon wall hanging. Everywhere you look in this town there is art and crafts.

This was blind drawing … close your eyes and go! Then you can open your eyes and add including color. Fun!

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