Sketching with Rhoda Draws at the Cemetery & The Mask Museum

With Rhoda Draws at the cemetery, el Jardin at night and The Mask Museum in SMA Mx. These are her sketches. I aspire to be like her when I grow up …

Show and tell — with Rhoda Draws.

A page from Rhoda’s sketch book … from The Mask Museum in SMA, MX (well worth seeing Bill LeVasser’s amazing collection).

Isabella and Rhoda Draws … partners in crime during Day of the Dead festivities. Crowd so colorful that it actually became hard to spot these two! — with Isabella Monarch and Rhoda Draws.

Rhoda Draws’s lovely sketch from the cemetery. Very poignant day as deceased loved ones are remembered and graves festooned with flowers, sugar candies, fav foods and the like. With roving bands and guitar players. A riot for the senses both physical and subtle.

Rhoda Draws her composite sketch from various elements from Day of Dead evening. I made it into one of her sketches … can you spot me?

Make up artists applying Catrina make-up for their clients on the streets of SMA, Mx. By Rhoda Draws

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