Working Visually eCommunity, January 24, Drop-in Webinar

Hosted the January Drop-in Webinar for Working Visually eCommunity on Thursday Jan. 24th.  This is an ongoing monthly gathering for grads of my various visual programs (Fundamentals of Working Visually, Magic Marker Masterminds, Visual Coach Certification and Fast & Loose Sketching).  Other Visual Practitioners are also welcome. Its different every month. Agenda items emerge from needs of participants.

Working Visually eCommunity Jan. 24, 2019

This Month’s Agenda Items:
We had a theme emerge this month. It was a large theme around the identity and branding process that up and coming Visual Practitioners go through to embody their place within the field.  I explained what I see happening as our field evolves and more practitioners join the ranks and more clients seek out our services.  And the outer and inner challenges of comfortably assuming one’s preferred place in the spectrum that exists.

We discussed websites, portfolios, social media and contracts as tools for clearly communicating visual service offerings and how to navigate and manage client expectations and our own expectations, especially about live and spontaneous work  (graphic recording and visual process work with groups and/or individuals).

We concluded with powerful Inner Work as I facilitated Orphan Rescue with a Member on the roots of her perfectionism and reluctance to show and share her portfolio.  We rescued her 13 year old who was unable to complete an artistic project due to attachments to perfection, attention and recognition.  And relocated her to the home of her Future Self … who role models the flow from one project to the next with grace and ease.  We look forward to hearing how this impacts her ability to show her Portfolio with comfort and pride.

Next Drop In Webinar is Thursday, February 21, 11am pacific

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