About to retire after 30 years in the Public Service as an Analyst, Manager and Instructor, Kassie’s process toolkit contains Graphic Recording and Facilitation with a high dose of Creative Problem Solving. Visual Coaching is another way to serve as a lifelong learner.

Kassie’s personal experiences have also contributed to her service work and her unique coaching niche. She coaches professional women, like herself, with autoimmune issues, specifically celiac disease.

She helps clients literally see and navigate their conditions, especially if they ‘don’t look sick’ from the outside.

Often it’s important boundary work … sticking to lines and self-care rather than the tendency to push on through. Processing guilt and old conditioning around ‘letting people down’, in order to work with what the body is indicating rather than ignoring.

Trust (of one’s body, of food products, restaurants and other’s cooking) can also come into play. As well as plenty of practicalities of how to change what one cooks and consumes.

Not easy work but deeply essential and useful work.

The tools and techniques from Visual Coach Certification help Kassie to help her clients literally see the thoughts, feelings and patterns connected to their disease.

Reflect back the pragmatic outer and inner work of the coaching sessions. The visual maps act as artifacts that help both Client and Coach remember the terrain covered and its inherent energy. A concrete reminder of ahhas, insights and agreements made with self and others.

Given she wishes she had figured things out sooner, Kassie now shares her hard-won wisdom with other women traveling similar terrain. Building a life that truly best suits one’s body, mind AND soul.

Congratulations on your successful graduation Kassie!

Kassie Layne
Certified Visual Coach

Potomac Falls, Virginia, United States

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