With her effervescent spirit and humour, it’s been a pleasure having Geri Briggs in several of my programs over the years. Now a minted Certified Visual Coach®.

Geri’s had a life of service in not-for-profit organizations and municipal government.

Thirty years of working with vulnerable populations: new immigrants, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol, rehab, and folks with disabilities and different abilities.

Graduate spotlight on geri briggs banner with her portrait wearing first nations scarfA facilitator of MAPS/PATHS (inclusive people-centered vision and planning) she already had some experience with working visually through these inclusive processes.

With an eye for strategic ‘retirement’ (not ready to fully do so), she’s been adding additional services and tools to her repertoire, including my SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System®.

To broaden who she works with moving forward, particularly as a teacher and mentor. For young people, and women who want to make changes, but due to conditioning, hard knocks and lack of confidence, don’t know how.

Warms my heart to see how Geri is using my SHIFT-IT tools. Taking folks under her nurturing and skilled wing. Doodling their precious uniqueness into firmer stability in our world.

All the best with ‘retirement’ Geri!

Geri Briggs
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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