A hearty cheer for Certified Visual Coach, Jackie Forbes from Edinburgh, UK!

Jackie came to Visual Coach Certification with a super strong background, in working with both groups and individuals.

Jackie Forbes headshot as a Visual Coach Certification GraduateShe is a former co-owner of a leadership and management development consultancy, with clients in global corporations in Europe and Australia.

A very experienced Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach, with Graphic Facilitation and Recording already part of her robust toolkit.

Jackie admittedly was skeptical about having to be trained to use my tools and had doubts whether she would learn anything. Hehe, I appreciate the honesty … yes, I sometimes get that initially from seasoned colleagues.

Thankfully she got SO MUCH out of her first SHIFT-IT Retreat (one of the prerequisites) that I won her over.

“Not only did I learn the SHIFT-IT Maps from you, but you also taught me so much about language, process skills, digital/online work, trauma awareness, inner allies and parts work, plus clean and non-judgemental ways to work. You opened a lot of new areas, even though I’m NLP and emotional intelligence trained.”

“The impact on my clients has been AMAZING: job promotions, early retirement, moves out of country, and ahha insights that created significant inner re-alignment. Plus, I had paying clients right off the bat. Recouping my investment, right as I went through your program!”

“In addition to my corporate clients, I’m using SHIFT-IT with the kids of my clients too, as they graduate and begin their early careers. Plus, SHIFT-IT combines beautifully with my Art Retreats in Perthshire. Lovely to have all my skills combine together. Thanks so much Christina, I’m delighted I found you!”.

And thank you, Jackie. So wonderful you are integrating the skills and tools, well done!

Jackie Forbes
Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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