Seeking 3 More Deep Divers – We Start Next Saturday

A few months into 2023 and I’m processing people left, right and center … with visuals of course!

line art buddha sitting in a lotus with blue radiating outAnneke Lucas and I launched our Shifting the Power, with Love program.

We’ve attracted 90+ remarkable folks from over 17 countries.

We are deliciously in the middle of explaining and helping people integrate The Unconditional Model, to their own trauma and power dynamics. Also equipping fellow Providers with the concepts and tools to do the same.

In addition, I continue to help folks process these tumultuous times, in smaller support groups, via my Public and Private Visual Satsangs and my private coaching practice.

Given the length and depth of the Private Visual Satsangs, I am offering them just twice a year.

The fall cohort has recently wrapped (really beautiful group!), and the Spring cohort is now forming – we currently have 3 spots left.

If you could use some extra support and resourcing, we could be just what you need, to weather these times in conscious community.

Christina Merkley at her drawing tablet creating visual maps. banner for private visual satsang starting march 18, 2023

The Private Visual Satsangs are special containers (16 weeks) with the same small group of people – so we really get to know each other and bond over that time.

Each person, if they care to, has individual processing time in the group container.

Processing together like this, in a safe, small group setting, gives a very rare opportunity to be supportively seen, and to supportively see others.

This kind of mature compassion and inner work goes such a long way in easing and shifting old patterns and conditioning.

As topics arise, I match them with my Visual Coaching and processing tools. Lots of Visual Self Inquiry, Systemic Constellations, Orphan Rescues, AlphaMind (a method that helps the conscious Left Brain meet the unconscious Right Brain), Parts Work, Personal Visioning, Planning and more.

Spring 2023: Private Visual Satsang

10 3 Spots Left

Saturdays, March 18 – July 1, 2023 – 16 Sessions
10am – Noon Pacific Time
(11 Mountain, 12 Central, 1 Eastern, Europe evenings)
Convert to your Timezone Here


All my best during these stressful, yet hopefully transformational times.

While challenging, I have faith that these times (because they ARE here) are what humanity must navigate, to successfully evolve to our next healthy level.

Much will change. Much needs to change. Here’s to evolution, together we shift it!


Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

P.S. The techniques in this program are advanced (the Bonus Maps in my Visual Coach Certification). So this program is also excellent for Certified Visual Coaches or those on the path to becoming one.

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