All sorts of beautiful people come through my Visual Coach Certification, and today’s spotlight is on one who positively glows.

Melinda Collins Certified Visual Coach in a black top with a big smile, set against a background visual life maps in this graduate spotlight blog headerAs a Spiritual Director, Melinda Collins accompanies people as they refine and integrate the spiritual fruits in life. Based in the USA in the Greater Boston area, her clients have had a range of religious experiences and are thoughtfully integrating them into a personal practice.

With visual and other methods, she literally helps reflective people to see where their spiritual life is directing and taking them.

She finds that ‘working visually is indispensable and really helpful’. As Consciousness is in us and we are within it, visuals can really help to draw out the interplay, the messages, and the insights that come when one develops a deeper spiritual practice.

Melinda loved the Life Maps in my visual deck – using them to help her clients draw out their spiritual autobiographies. The “Parts Work” maps are also really helpful in her work, to define, excavate and integrate traumatic past events.

For her, “the aesthetics of the maps connate play and interplay… creating an atmosphere of spiritual playfulness … they can help hold heavy s#*t lightly.” Helping folks to process suffering and move beyond it.

A pleasure to be connecting with you Melinda over these last years. So wonderful to watch your own unfolding process and energetics, and how you so lovingly assist others with theirs. Such great application of the visual way of working!

Melinda Collins
Spiritual Director | Visual Coach
Greater Boston Area, USA

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