Processing Group Starts Saturday [Private Visual Satsang]

The times sure are giving us plenty to process, aren’t they!? Our souls have picked a poignant time to incarnate, that’s for sure.

Christina Merkley at her tablet in her home office with greenery and plants all around for this banner for Private Visual SatsangsFYI, a new Private Visual Satsang is starting this Saturday. If you could benefit from being in a deep community with supportive people. These special private processing groups happen just twice a year.

Satsang is Sanskrit for “community of true people”.

It’s a small private cohort dedicated to mature Inner Work, during this time of your life, and during this time in the world.

Visual, because if you know me, pretty much everything I do has a visual component to it. As doodling can effectively help us process our thoughts and feelings and those of others.

Fall 2023: Private Visual Satsang – Online (16 Sessions)
Weekly: Saturdays, October 21, 2023 – February 3, 2024
10am – Noon Pacific Time convert to your zone

Only 2 Spots Left!


Satsangs are a beautiful place where we bring our highs and our lows, and anything in between. Everything is welcomed and met. Non-dual. Oneness.

We do mature ‘emotional processing’ in Satsang, using a variety of visual processing methods – Self Inquiry, Polarities, Constellations, Orphan Rescue, AlphaMind … plus many more of my Visual Coaching moves.

Christina Merkley cartoon of her hnds at a desk drawing a Visual Map

All sorts of topics are processed: mission, work, finances, relationships, health, aging, creativity, mortality, politics, conflicts and war … and more.

The full gamut of human emotions are met: joy, celebration, inspiration, hope, disappointment, envy, fear, anger, despair, grief and more.

We don’t always agree on everything. In fact, sometimes cohort members hold polar views. Which, as we hang in there, is very handy for getting to the trauma roots, and developing understanding of our shared humanity.

Cartoon of Christina Merkley at her tablet drawing a visual map

Together we courageously quiet our Minds, open our Hearts and ground our Bellies. Bringing peace and stability to our own lives, and contributing that vibe to the fuller collective too.

Looking forward to this cohort. Always grateful for the compassion and growth that occurs.

See you on Saturdays if this resonates for you!


Christina Merkley
Visual Coaching and Satsangs

P.S. Want to work visually too? You can! The Fundamentals of Visual Coaching starts on Wednesday, November 1st.

Designed for coaches, therapists, facilitators and other process peeps.

Quickly add the power of working visually with individuals to your process toolkit.

This course is also the new pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification. Next cohort is April 2024.

P.P.S. For a full overview of 2023/2024 Courses and Home Study Kits, click here.

P.P.P.S. Also available for Private Coaching and Group Facilitation.

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