Additional Tele-Coaching


Christina working with a client by phone

Have you worked with me previously? Want more SHIFT-IT and/or graphics training support? If so, purchasing additional tele-coaching sessions is the way to go.

Use for More SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction Support:

These calls are great for folks who have already been through SHIFT-IT coaching with me or have completed the process via The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit. Enough time has passed that you are ready for a refresher, or want to update your Magnetism Map and Take Action Plan with fresh material. Also great for continued Law of Attraction and ‘Trouble at the Border’ assistance – keep tweaking and refining your ‘vibrational set point’ … to align to what you do want (not to what you don’t)! Private, confidential and one-to-one coaching.

Use for Further Mentoring on Your Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation Development:

These call packages are also great for Meeting Graphics students — those who have been through my graphics trainings, or beginning and intermediate practitioners who have received their basic training elsewhere but would like to now receive my special mentoring. Via webinar technology I provide feedback and critique on your agenda designs, prep charts and live work. And coach you on marketing, sales and other business strategies so you bust through to your next level of success. A novel and effective way to enhance your development in these unique and rare skills.

Call Packs

One Call: $297.00

Three Calls: $797.00

Six Calls: $1497.00

Twelve Calls: $2497.00 (save over $1000)

* Fees in Canadian Funds see for currency conversion
** GST additional for Canadian residents


Scheduling and Payments:

* Purchase package of your choice and my assistant will contact you within 2 business days to get details from you and schedule your first call.
* Each call is 45 minutes.
* Payment plans are available (split payment into 3 installments).
* No additional equipment or software required for webinar – however you will need to be in front of your computer, with internet access at scheduled time.

Email Us if you have any questions.