The Law of Attraction and Interactive Graphics

As you can see from this site (and if you are a past or present client you certainly know) … I work visually with groups and individuals. Helping people literally SEE where they have been, where they are and where they would most like to go. Doing all sorts of belief work and planning work along the way.

As time progresses and I develop in my craft, I am becoming increasing aware of what separates the successful clients from those who aren’t so successful in implementing their plans and bringing about their desired visions and end states. I do not profess to be the expert or authority on these complex matters. I am still learning and growing too. However I am increasingly seeing how the so-called Law of Attraction (or Law of Vibration) plays a profound role in things.

To be blithe and simplistic about it, the Law of Attraction is basically what you focus on is what you get. Or a bit more accurately, how you feel about what you focus on brings more of the same to you. Like attracts like.

The interesting thing with graphic work is that it makes your thoughts visible. Whether it is the thoughts of just one person, or the collection of thoughts in a group of people who are working or living together. Bit by bit, over the course of a graphically facilitated session, you start to see what the majority of your individual or collective focus is on. Your true focus becomes more conscious and apparent.

The successful clients, with help and assistant (or because they are naturally this way), are able to define and create a positive, good feeling focus. Whether about the past they have evolved through, their current state or their desired future. They have clear, postive intentions and believe, at least to some extent, that their desired future is indeed possible and doable. They ‘allow’ the possibility and have faith that they can get there somehow.

The less successful clients cannot find this shift – what they continue to focus on about their past, present or desired future has more of a tinge of negativity or gnarliness to it, as opposed to a lighter feeling or frame. They just can’t get ‘over the line’ in terms of what they choose to focus on and how what they focus on makes them feel.

Now what I am talking about is not pollyanna or simplisitic positive thinking stuff. It is not always easy to create these shifts – it can take work and lots of processing and sorting through to tip the energy over to thinking about and feeling good about the things that you really do want (and off of what you don’t). But it is possible. And that is what my SHIFT-IT work and my work with organizations is all about.

Over the next few months I’m going to be writing more about The Law of Attraction and how it integrates with graphic thinking. I’ll be posting fresh articles in the monthly SHIFT-IT e-Zine (sign up box on the left column of this site if you’d like to have a copy of the ezine delivered to you by email the first Friday of each month), and they will eventually be posted in the articles section.

Of course, I am supremely biased, but I think a graphic/visual process can really help make the Law of Attraction much more understandable and accessible. Easier to apply these metaphysical principles. I haven’t singled it out that much, but my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process is loaded with Law of Attraction principles and tips. Those of you who are familiar will LOA will probably be interested in this process and can spot some of the LOA influences.

For those of you who do not know what the Law of Attraction is … well, just watch out, after reading this something about it will probably find its way to you. That is just the nature of the principle!

If you are interested to learn more, a good basic introduction has been sweeping through the world … its an independently produced movie called The Secret. If you haven’t seen it, it is definitely worth checking out.

The speakers and general concepts are worthy of further inspection. Esther Hicks, a personal favorite of mine, is heavily featured (in the first edition). Great to see her getting deserved attention, as so many LOA advocates have been influenced by the materials of Abraham-Hicks.

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

Christina 🙂

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