Passing the Baton and Expanded Trainings

As my consulting and coaching practice grows I am increasingly passing the baton on graphic recording and mapmaking work ( the work that I first began my facilitation career with and that is explained in my site). Choosing instead to personally train others in these rare skills, so my experience doesn’t die with me as my career morphs.

I began offering trainings and mentoring opportunities on graphic recording and graphic facilitation skills about two years ago … and well over 100 folks have been through my Meeting Graphics 101 and custom trainings in that time. Many really running with their new skills: spicing up their consulting or facilitation practices with visuals and others moving into independent work as graphic recorders.

It has been a real pleasure to pass along my knowledge and mentor others in a personal, one-on-one kind of way. The graphic recording field is small. And its tradition is usually one of apprenticeship. That is how new folks generally enter the field. So it works out great for all. Trainees get access to rare skills training, and I have practitioners I can refer inquiries to that I no longer wish to do myself.

In the new year I won’t be taking on any new graphic recording or chartwork projects myself (my focus is on the strategic planning/visioning, graphic faciliation and graphic coaching side of my practice). However, I do really enjoy training others, so I’m going to keep that up.

In fact I have decided to expand the Meeting Graphics 101 course from one day to two. And will also be adding a second tier training for more advance instruction: a Graphic Bootcamp format. I will not be offering these kinds of training for very long though. Perhaps another year or so. By that time I will be completely phased out of my makemark work and fully into a SHIFT-IT and graphic coaching lifestyle.

By the end of ’07 I should also have an offering for other coaches, etc who want to learn SHIFT-IT and the graphic coaching methdologies. My intention is to create some sort of licensing program. I’m currently researching business models and consulting some licensing and intellectual property experts for advise on how to best structure.

Details on all expanding and new trainings will be announced in my monthly ezine and on this blog. So stay tuned if you are interested or drop me a line.

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