Kudos and Acknowledgements

Talking of passing the baton (see previous post) … several of my ‘mentees’ from my Meeting Graphics 101 training are really pushing the envelope in terms of their graphic skills.

Strategy consultant Doug T from Virginia is doing history and vision maps with his architecturial design firm clients – and using graphics to explain globalization/flatworld concepts in presentations.

HR Coach Shannan B. from Campbell River BC is working graphically with executives from her financial institution and is very pleased with how her clientele is responding to the graphic methodology.

Sue K. from Wisconsin is charging full-speed ahead in her new graphic recording career – leaping in to record visioning sessions at her church, at a World Cafe event, and during her organization’s large annual conference.

And, local budding graphic recorder Avril Orloff from Vancouver, is rapidly developing her recording skills building off of her already competent art skills and she chronicles her career development journey in a great new blog. Fun reading for other graphic recorder types who are also going through the fun yet nerve wracking process of developing their public graphic recording skills.

2 comments on “Kudos and Acknowledgements

  1. Avril on

    Hey Christina,
    Thanks for the mention and the link to my blog! Speaking of great blogs, I’m really enjoying yours, as well as your newsletter and regular websites. So much useful and helpful information! And so generous of you to share it all.
    Thanks a million,

  2. Christina Merkley on

    Hi Avril, thanks for the note and for your kind words. You are of course most welcome. While graphic recording is still a rare skill and profession the web is bringing folks together – so its my pleasure to link other new and budding recorders to your site (and hopefully some clients!). As the work is so public it takes some real bravery and chutzpah in my opinion to enter it and get good at it. So your blog narrating your own path is a real help to others who are also building their practices … wherever they might be sprinkled across the globe. Good luck with all. Looks like you are doing really well. Good on you! ~Christina

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