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Question: What is an effective way to speed up my manifestation process? Answer: Get happy about where you currently are. Yup, getting ok with where you currently are is a great way to get what you eventually want.

I am working my way through the full collection of recordings that my favorite Law of Attraction teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks have produced. They have been hosting workshops around the U.S. for over 20 years – so you can imagine, there are a whole heck of a lot of tapes!

Jerry and Esther, and their teacher, Abraham, have found many different ways of communicating the Law of Attraction principles – lots of great stories, anecdotes and metaphors. One really effective metaphor that demonstrates this whole ‘get happy with where you are’ thing (or make peace with your now, as they term it) is their story about driving from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California (a 400 miles stretch that they do on a regular basis in their “Monster Bus”).

As they tell it, there is a little town along the way called Yuma that they stop in – to fill up on gas and have a meal, etc. The stop in Yuma is just a natural step along the way to their fuller destination of San Diego on the coast. They recognize it as a natural step and of course calmly deal with being in Yuma and appreciate its role on their journey. They don’t freak out and fret that they are in Yuma. They calmly accept Yuma for what it is.

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This is of course a metaphorical story – contrast that with how many of us handle our own journeys in reaching a desired destination. We have a vision (a goal, desire) that we have declared out loud and out strong that we want for ourselves (our version of San Diego). However, instead of being content, appreciative and accepting of Yuma (where we currently are on the way to our goal), we get all bent out of shape that we are there – and resent Yuma for being Yuma. And sometimes, instead of continuing along to San Diego, we just turn around and just go back to Phoenix – going back to what we know and are familiar with and canning our plans in the process (taking our marbles and going home!).

Its Ok to Be Where You Are: Manifesting a Personal Vision or a set of goals can be a big journey. Like the journey from Phoenix to San Diego, it takes distance and time to get there. However many of us lose sight of this natural condition and instead freak out that we are in Yuma instead of where we really want to be (I know I have certainly been guilty of this – repeatedly!). It is ok to be where you are. It is ok to be mid-way. It is ok to not be there yet. You are where you are (I am where I am).

Seek the Feeling of Relief: Instead of getting angry or frustrated for not being in your desired end state yet, I might offer instead that you seek the relief of being where you currently are. It is ok. It is natural. It is just a step on your journey. In soothing yourself and softening your thinking about your present, you will bring relief. Which in turn will make everything a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. That which you resist persists. Instead, find a way to accept and even possibly like and appreciate where you currently are.

Find the Positive Aspects: A nice way to find the feeling of relief is to focus on the positive aspects of your current location. For example, in my desired future, I envision myself living somewhere warm and comfortable during the winter months of the year. However, right now I am still in my Yuma around this – I’m still in somewhat rainy Victoria B.C. in the middle of winter, kind of wishing I were somewhere else (like back on the Hawaiian cruise I wrote about last month!). So, as I am seeking relief, I choose instead to focus on the positive aspects of being where I currently am. I pull out a sheet of paper and start writing things like:

  • Victoria is nice, safe, calm, quiet and beautiful (good place to write and think);
  • My family is in Victoria, so it has been nice to reconnect with them;
  • Even though I am in Victoria, the Internet allows me access to the world;
  • I get away for lots of trips during the winter, so I’m not really here the whole time;
  • I love it for most of the year and people like to visit me here;
  • It’s a well-known tourist town, so most people know of it (good for business);
  • I have my Starbucks right around the corner (where everybody knows my name — ok, not everybody, but I was having a Cheers moment — see what happens when you get on a roll!).

The Vibrational Shift: After writing my list (and I continue on for as long as I can keep picking out positives), I feel a lot better. My vibration has literally been shifted. I have found the positives around my Yuma experience. I feel better about being in Yuma (or in this case, Victoria). I appreciate how Yuma fits into my larger experience – my BIG PICTURE if you will. Now, with my vibration in a better place, I am more aligned with what I do want. I am a better vibrational match to it. From my grumpy place I was attracting – just more grumpiness stuff. But from my improved vibration – I am now attracting better feeling stuff. I have broken the chain of pain (changed my frequency).

Do It On Your Own Yuma: So, what is the Yuma that you are currently fighting? Play with the metaphor a bit and I invite you to grab a sheet of paper and start listing out the positive aspects of where you currently are. Obviously this does not have to be just a geographical situation – it works on anything. Perhaps it is a job you aren’t thrilled with anymore. Or a house that you are tired of. Or problems on the relationship front. If your situation were a mid-way destination towards a larger goal or dream, how would you be looking at it differently? What is this current situation doing for you? How is it a needed pit stop for you? How is it actually serving you? See if you can get grateful about being where you currently are. See it in a larger context. Appreciate the role it is playing on your journey. You might be surprised about how quickly you can feel better with a little reframing. And love Yuma for being Yuma. Then, once you’ve done that, you are in a great position to proceed to the next manifestation steps from there.

Source: See Ask and It is Given or any of the 2005-6 Abraham-Hicks recordings for the Phoenix – San Diego story, positive aspects and many other great LOA concepts.

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  1. Kiera on

    Thanks for this, I really like the way it’s written and your use of the Yuma metaphor throughout – I think it’s a pretty-sounding word so it made it even more enjoyable… :)I also stopped to shut my eyes and focus on ‘I Am Where I Am And That’s Ok’ and it was very relieving, satisfying – I don’t think I’ve done that for a long time in such a pure way.

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