Back From Alaskan Abraham-Hicks Cruise

Back From Alaskan Abraham-Hicks Cruise:

Your friendly neighborhood graphic coach (that’s me) is just back from another Abraham-Hicks cruise – this one was up and down the Alaskan Coast (last January, you might remember, I went on one to Hawaii).

I attend the Abraham cruises because it’s the longest access I can get to my favorite Law of Attraction teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks (who’s work and insights I write of often in this blog).  This couple offers one day workshops all over the States, but on the cruises one can get tons more Q&A sessions with Abraham than on dry land.

I love having the condensed access to their work and of course, being on a cruise ship has additional benefits too (like only unpacking and packing your bags once – a luxury for a frequent traveler), internet access (so I can manage my business while still having fun), and incredible service (the Hick’s run their cruises via Holland America and I am in love with the service this line provides).













Here I am boarding with Jim and my friend Ghislaine.  We’re already signed up for our next one – 7 days in Mexico at the end of January!  And several of my other clients are booked for the Mediterranean cruise in ’08.  More info on the A-H cruises.

Why do I love the Abraham work so much?  Because it is the best source to date that I have found around the metaphysics of how things get created.  How people (and organizations … the underlying dynamics are the same) can up their chances of defining and manifesting their visions (getting what they want).  This material has answered so many of my questions.  Its basically, in my books, the inside scoop around how things get created – and as a strategic planner and coach I find the information that Esther shares via her Abraham source incredibly fascinating and extremely applicable.  In my opinion, it’s the fast track.

As for the cruise and gorgeous Alaska:  we left from Seattle and sailed past my home (Victoria BC). Traveled up to Juneau and then stopped in Glacier Bay Park, Ketchikan, and Siska on the way back.  Hopped off in Victoria as that was the last port of call (very convenient – drove some friends we met on board around the city for a quick tour (Hi to Chris, Mary and Jules).

Here are a few photos:

Glacier mixed with debris from rock slides.

Floating in an ocean of turquoise. 

 The observation deck – bring on those Baileys and Coffee – yum.

Up close with the Glacier – check out those hues of blue.

Calfing: when chunks of glacier fall off into the ocean. We had a huge calfing experience occur when we were there.  The largest that the onboard ranger had witnessed yet (helps to have Abraham arranging things!). 

For more photos see my Alaskan Cruise Collection on my Flickr photo account.  Flickr is such a great service, you can also see slideshow option.

Link for collection is:[email protected]/189Ad9

One comment on “Back From Alaskan Abraham-Hicks Cruise

  1. Sandra on

    Aloha, Love your pictures.

    I’ll be going on my first Abraham cruise to AK July 4th and wanted to ask someone who’s been there what I shouldn’t miss as far as excursions go.

    Also are there any on board tips you can give me to make my trip even better than I know it’s going to be.

    And lastly is there a blog that you know about for people going to meet up ahead of time?

    Thanks for getting back to me.


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