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Me in SeattleWent on a trip to Seattle this past weekend – primarily to attend the Abraham-Hicks workshop held on Saturday, but also to fit in some sight seeing around the area (Space Needle, Mount St. Helens and Port Townsend).

The Abraham event had an interesting cross-section of people and their questions:

  • Philanthropist wanting guidance on how to raise more funds for his pet project: a children’s hospital.
  • Woman asking about the effect of the thoughts of previous generations on the current generation (particularly how the thoughts/beliefs/vibrations of her ancestors has impacted her own life).
  • Man with ringing in his ears since childhood, wanting to know what that was about from Abraham/energy perspective.
  • Same man also wanting to know how to get through the writing project he has been working on for years (a book).
  • Another man asking about how to find and work with his ‘guides’.
  • A very moving session with a woman who has had breast cancer and wanted advice/guidance about how to handle/deal with.
  • Meta-physical queries about the nature of time and space.
  • A young man concerned about the environmental degradation.
  • A mother asking about how to handle her child’s guinea pig’s death.
  • A grown daughter asking about her father who had just died.

Here are a couple of key nuggets from my notes.  As per usual, check out for more information on the fascinating work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham / Law of Attraction.

  1. Its ok if you sometimes forget to apply what you are learning – Jerry and Esther don’t do it 100% of the time either – just gently get back to it when you realize you have slipped back into old habits.
  2. Don’t worry about what is, the present circumstances just prompted the asking (prompted the vision of what you now want) … get off of ‘what is’ and get onto ‘your vision of what you do want’.
  3. Your work is to ‘line up’ with the dream you are asking for.
  4. Try to find something that ‘feels a little bit better’ when you focus on it.  Do your best to ‘soften’ things.
  5. We do ‘live the escrow’ of previous generations.  Their wanting has resulted in conditions changing (later generations are more allowing and benefit from what was put into desire long ago).
  6. For writing projects, just write and ‘get it out’ … spit it out.  Then write the next one.  Through the process you will get better.  You write a good book by first writing bad ones (if necessary). That is how you figure out what feels good.  Just do it.  And move onto the next creation. Its ok to change as you go along and develop.
  7. You don’t have to have a singular focus.  You just can’t offer resistance or conflicting thoughts.
  8. It is as easy to create a castle as a button.  The same energy creates both.
  9. There are no victims. There is no law of assertion – it’s the Law of Attraction.  You attract it (its not asserted onto you).
  10. Its about being a master sculptor.  Molding your focus.  Getting your hands in the clay.  By diving into life and finding ‘contrast’ you decide what you like and you focus/align on that.  You are meant to mold it.
  11. ‘Contrast’ is good.  Gets you clear.  Helps you figure out what you desire.
  12. A manifestation is just an indicator of vibration.  (not about worthiness, talent, value, etc).  Ask yourself how that manifestation feels .. to help figure out what you are vibrating (example: woman with cancer: the cancer manifestation felt vulnerable, weak, victim … but the actual feelings of vulnerability, weakness and victimhood were there long before the cancer … feelings were there before the manifestation occurred (patterns of thought).
  13. Shift your vibration (thoughts/feelings) then you shift the manifestation.
  14. Easier to recover from something big as opposed to something small (as there is a bigger focus and desire – besides, you really only get very motivated when it is in your face like that).
  15. The best mantra; I am where I am.  You have the option of turning upstream or downstream from where you are.  It is your choice.
  16. Lean positive.  You don’t have to ‘be positive’ … just lean towards it and you will eventually get there.  Keep leaning.
  17. The power is in the vibration (not enough action in the world to compensate for your vibration being unaligned to what you want).   Vibration first then aligned action.
  18. When other people supposedly make you feel bad … as yourself: “what is it that I think about you that I’m using to not feel good / keep me from feeling my well being?  I’m using that as an excuse to disallow my alignment.
  19. You create through alignment not through pushing stuff around.
  20. Expansion is the inevitable nature of life.  Our nature is to always reach for a better, more improved feeling.  We want to feel good.

Pretty good stuff eh?! You can see how Law of Attraction fits in so nicely with visioning and planning work.  I just love it!  Abraham-Hicks record all of their workshops – and you can purchase them. I have received their weekly CD delivery for years now and highly recommend it.

As for the rest of my Seattle area trip.  Went up to the top of Seattle Space Needle – great weather and fantastic views. Then drove to Mount St. Helens … took a helicopter ride above the area – the perfect way to really appreciation the power of Mother Nature’s effect upon the environment.  What force!  Then to charming Port Townsend for strolls around the Victorian architecture.

 Space Needles and Views:































 Mount St. Helens: Helicopter Ride























































Port Angeles and Ferry Back Home to Victoria:
























My Favorite Place in Victoria (where I want to live): this photo goes onto my own Vision Board! I want one of the top right-hand corner units.  Views of the busy Inner Harbour plus the ocean and Olympic Mountains.  Gorgeous!


As you can see, I am having a great vacation this week and am looking forward to more next week as I go on the Abraham-Hicks Alaska cruise! 

We leave from Seattle, so from the Space Needle we could see the piers out right in front of us, of where we will be taking off from. 

Yippee, all the cruise pampering AND Abraham workshops sprinkled in around the ports of call.  Pretty much heaven for me!  Can’t wait.


Happy SHIFTing.  Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach.

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  1. JJ on

    Good Day Christina,

    It was lovely reading and viewing your pictures, I just did a trip almost the same in March 07. I love Victoria….. I try to spend as much time in Victoria as I can at this moment.. Sometime in the near future I will be returning to Victoria.. Cheers JJ

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