Law of Attraction Evening

As per the notice in my e-zine (The SHIFT-IT e-Zine) I hosted a Law of Attraction evening in my studio last Sunday. A chance for interested clients, colleagues, friends, etc to drop by and learn a little more about the Law of Attraction – in particular, about Abraham-Hicks, the teachers that I have found the most helpful and interesting.

We had a lot of fun. After loads of hot wings and other assorted munchies (and plenty of flowing wine) – we pulled out the Hick’s latest DVD … The Secret Behind the Secret (created by Canadian documentary filmmaker, Peter Beamish of

It’s a pretty long CD, over three hours worth. Tells the story of how Jerry and Esther came to be doing the incredible work that they do – and showed plenty of footage of Esther as ‘Abraham’. Peter created much of his film in question and answer format – asking the Hicks and Abraham a great selection of questions (covering many of the situations and issues that I and my clients want most to know about – who is Abraham, what is the meaning of life, how do we create what we want, what’s this ‘you create your own reality’ stuff, and just what the heck is going on down on this planet of ours!).

LOA nite, Christina Merkley

In between episodes we had discussions and it was so fun to see the wheels turning and the ahhas being made. Several folks told me they heard information that provided a ‘click’ for them. And now we have even more shared language between us all. A nice meeting of like-minded folks.

With the success of this evening and many other people not being able to make this particular date but wanting to be involved in future ones – I’ll continue to host LOA evenings such as this one over the coming months. Stay tuned to the e-zine and this blog for announcements.

LOA nite, christina merkley
Yours in SHIFTing IT, Christina 🙂

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