FLIP IT GOOD on the Economy

I’ve just written an article that will be shared in tomorrow’s e-zine called  “Vibrational Tips for Being Calm During Economic and Political Winds”.

In it I go through some of the economic and political stuff currently going on and share tips from a Law of Attraction perspective about how to remain balanced, calm and assertive while this is all sorting itself out.

In the e-zine, I give readers free access to one of my popular SHIFT-IT tools called The FLIP IT, Flip It Good Map (hey … if you grew up in the 80s like I did, you might be able to spot the pop culture reference embedded in that title!).

This tool is a great one for ‘making yourself’ focus on what you truly do want, and away from what you don’t want.  You start with your worries, concerns and doubts and ‘flip them’ – exerting ‘mind discipline’ to find thoughts that actually feel better, but are still authentic and genuine to you.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been working with my coaching clients on the typical things they are telling themselves when they get spooked about what is happening economically and politically in the U.S.  I’ve taken a sampling of some of those general concerns, worries and doubts and done a flip it map on them —- turning to some of the statements that generally bring relief to people.

Click here for larger size.

Not all of the suggested ‘flips’ might personally bring you relief. Everyone is individual.  You need to do the work of finding thoughts that genuinely make you feel better.  But its offered as a starting place that you can get the concept of ‘FLIP IT work’ and hopefully give you a smattering of ways to think differently about the overall situation that is going on.

The e-zine has a link in it that will lead you to the free access page for the tool (it will be posted here on the blog after a delay of a few days).  If you want to get in on this and other free SHIFT-IT tool offers, just sign up for the e-zine to get on my delivery list.

Happy FLIPing everyone – we all make up the collective vibration, so anything that you can individually do to clean up your vibration on the economic topic (or any topic for that matter) is of benefit to everyone!

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2 comments on “FLIP IT GOOD on the Economy

  1. Angela on

    Thanks Christina,

    Mitch and I are headed for an overnight retreat tonight. We’re planning out the traditions that we want to incorporate to reflect our values in our home. I’ve printed out your flip it example and will at least have a discussion with Mitch about our own perspectives and ways to flip negative messaging around the present whirl wind.

    Thanks for sharing! That’s a very giving and positive energy building thing for you to do!

    Still beating my magnetism map drum up here and getting some good things going. Just had a phenomenal woman offer to set up my financial management system for free!


  2. Christina Merkley on

    Awesome Angela. Great to hear of your continued use of your SHIFT-IT tools and that you and Mitch are using them together. Thanks for the nice compliments about giving the tool away etc and posting these flips. Felt like the the right thing to do.

    “Funny” thing is that a few days later these flips are looking pretty darn prophetic – at least at this point in time 😉 So everyone, keep doing your flips! It’s workin’. And Angela is getting free financial management system help – is that cool or what! 🙂

    Thanks for your post Angela.

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