32 Live Twitter Posts from Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise

February 7 – 14, 2009 I was onboard the Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise and had a fabulous time as per usual (see other blog posts and my posted video). 

As I have a background as a graphic recorder / graphic facilitator (I’ve spent the last 15 years as a visual documenter of live events, groups and speakers … capturing the essence of the message and wisdom that is going on) … I can’t help but record thoughts and impressions in my notebook when I attend Abraham events. 

I’m also a little addicted to social media at the moment using my blog, Facebook and Twitter to connect with people who share my interests and fascination in Law of Attraction, depth psychology, change management, visual facilitation, etc. 

These two interests of mine mashed up on the cruise … as I took my notes then ‘twittered’ them via the online internet café aboard the Sapphire Princess cruise ship we were on (yeah gotta love modern technology don’t you, it’s amazing!). 

Sunset on the Waves

Sunset on the Waves

Mazatlan Harbour at Dawn

Mazatlan Harbour at Dawn

Kicking Back on Lido Deck (those are my toes!) ahhhhh
Kicking Back on Lido Deck (those are my toes!) ahhhhh

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitter (see www.twitter.com … I’m listed as ChristinaMerk) On this medium, you can make up to 140 character “mini posts” about whatever you like.  People who are interested in you and what you write about can ‘follow’ you.  And you can do the same to others you are interested in or of like mind and energy with (vibrational resonance).

These 140 character posts are called ‘tweets’.  If you are familiar with Facebook ( www.facebook.com ), they are like the status lines on that service.  But instead of just talking about what you are doing, you share information, resources, humour, comments, etc. 

Anyway, here are the 32 tweets I posted from the Abraham-Hicks cruise.  I called them AbeCruise Tips. 

Before you read them, I want to warn you that it can be a bit tough to synthesize Abraham’s wisdom and teachings down to little sound bites like this.  A lot can get lost in the translation, especially if you aren’t already familiar with some of the base Law of Attraction concepts and language that they share … or have the proper context in which they were shared (some can sound harsh). 

My condolences to Abraham for my hubris in trying to tweet them … but I hope some of their wisdom (and humour!) comes out in these lines and is useful and inspirational.  As per usual, to hear this stuff from the true horse’s mouth please see www.abraham-hicks.com (and to Abe, this doesn’t mean I think of you (or Esther!) as a horse!).   God forbid!

1. You Can Only Coax Someone Into the Vortex by Being in it Yourself.

2. If Out of Alignment, You Need to Warm Up 1st to Get into Your Vortex (that is what their processes are about!).

3. Make Peace w/ Where You Are, if You Were Always in Alignment You Would Be Dead!

4. It Is Alright for Me to Thrive When People I Love Aren’t.

5. We Don’t Want You to Face Reality – We Want You to Face Vibrational Reality. 

6. Therapy Just Keeps You In Step 1 Indefinitely (poking around to see what You need to springboard off of).

7. We Want You to Not ‘Give a Rip’ What Anyone Else Thinks (cause you split your alliance with you when you do).

 8. Obama – don’t ask him to be your reason to ‘be in the vortex’, we must all attend to our own individual alignment.

 9. An affirmation isn’t enough, you need a continual barrage of statements, each making you feel a little better.

 10.  You came for the excuse to flow with Source.

 11. Past Life Regression – might not even be your life you’re remembering, but whoever’s it is, it’s a match to your vibration.

 12. Just Start Where You Are & Point Yourself in the Direction of Where You Want to Be!

 13. The Goodness of Who You Are is Eternal.

 14.  It’s Easy to Walk Around & Observe, It’s Difficult to Find a Vibrational Pitch Different From What is Shown to You.

 15.  This Economic Crisis is the Basis for Enormous Expansion – It’s the Time of Great Asking.

 16. This is a Great Global Turning Point, Not a Time to Worry but a Time to be Jubilant!

 17. I Give Up Control of the Uncontrollable – and Everything is Uncontrollable Except for Me Getting in the Vortex.

 18. An Easy Going ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice If’ Attitude Will Get You Everything.

 19.  Everything That Has Manifested in Your Life Is Just an Indicator of How You Have Been Running Your Energy.

 20.  The Universe is Unendingly Answering You with a Precision that Defies Description.

 21.  Happy is the Trophy of Success.

 22. You Can Do Processes on Behalf of Global Economy – focus wheels, positive aspects, scripting, rampage of appreciation, etc.

 23. Your Dreams are Wonderful Indicators of Where Your Vibration Is.

 24. Stop Being the Uncooperative Component in What You Want.

 25. Stop Making an Enemy of Death – Sometimes It’s the Next Logical Step for Alignment.

 26. We Are All Eternal Beings, There is No Ending.

 27. You Can Create Whatever You Want – How Soon Is Up to You.

 28. Be in Sync with the Vortex and Let It Delight and Surprise You With What Shows Up.

 29.  A Feeling of Excited Anticipation Would Be Our Passion if We Were Standing in Your Physical Shoes.

 30. Every Problem Has a Solution, and the Solution is in the Vortex.

 31. In Your Asking You Have Made Your Application … and the Universe Who is Your Greatest Conspirator is on the Case.

 32. Relax … Let It Be Delivered to You (line up with what is already there). 

 I’ll post my graphic recordings up in a week or so when I’ve got them scanned in. In the meantime you can check out my rough visual notes from last year’s cruise here

Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach

Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach

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  1. Renita on

    I would like to hear more about #2, warming up to get into the vortex. Some mornings, I wake up and feel like I’ve been chewed up and spit out of the vortex, lying on a desolate island somewhere with no vortex in sight… 😉

  2. Mr. Ooh! on

    I did not realize how well Abe Quotes lend themselves to twitter! These are so good! And, like the Big Bad Wolf once said, “Oh, what nice toes you have!”

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