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Every few months, I host a free tele-seminar…. something that fits in with my general theme of “SHIFTing IT”.

Some calls are with invited guests whose specialties help us SHIFT our reality in some way. Other calls are just with me, where I do spontaneous SHIFT-IT Coaching with whoever calls in to play (putting you through the paces with my cutting edge Merkley Maps©, etc).

 Next Call: August 8th, 2009: Create Your Magnetism Map

Join me, Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach, as I demo one of my popular Merkley Maps® … The Magnetism Map. This tool helps you hone your focus on what you really do want (and off of what you don’t want!). On this call I share my best visioning tips honed over 17+ years of working in strategic planning venues with corporations and individuals.  And work interactive with callers on creating their own Magnetism Maps and properly running their energies.


Christina Merkley

There is no fee to participate in this call and/or to receive the recording.  Soothing Saturdays are my way of paying it forward and assisting in the planetary shift that is happening!

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Past Calls:

May 2009: Brad Yates: Emotional Freedom Technique

Listen in as Brad Yates the ‘EFT Wizard’ explains and demos the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’.  EFT is a fascinating tool for helping to SHIFT your internal resistance to your goals.  I’ve worked personally with Brad and really appreciate his fun and humorous approach to internal change work.  On this great call Brad not only explains EFT for the novice but also leads us thru several ‘rounds’ … creatively blending in solutions for the common blocks that callers presented. 

April 2009:  Ask Theo: Sheila & Marcus Gillette and THEO

I was so pleased to host the delightful Sheila and Marcus Gillette.  Sheila is a direct voice medium for the non-physical intelligence (12 arch-angels) known as ‘THEO’.  Sheila has been channeling Theo since 1968 and we had the sincere pleasure of not only hearing her fascinating story but directly experiencing THEO via caller questions. 

I look forward to providing you with excellent, cutting-edge information to assist you on your unfolding path.Yours in SHIFTing IT,

Christina Merkley

The SHIFT-IT Coach



P.S.  As an additional bonus, I’ll send you three of my SHIFT-IT tools – visual maps (with instructions) that will help you define and allow who you are in the process of becoming!

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