Interactive-Graphics: Frequently Asked Questions

Christina Merkley here … with less than two weeks until my Graphic Coaching Clinic in Victoria, British Columbia.

You may be one of the attendees who are already coming … who will shortly be loaded up with markers, pastels and all the tools of the trade. Or, perhaps you are one of the four people still left to grab a spot in this one-of-a-kind training.

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For months my team and I have been fielding questions about The Clinic and about interactive-graphics in general.

Here are the top FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we have been getting:

What are interactive-graphics anyway?

Interactive-graphics is a methodology for helping people do effective, productive and fun thinking. Eighty percent of the population are visual learners. This method uses pre-prepared and live, spontaneously created visuals to pull thinking out of people so they and others can ‘see what they mean’ and make informed and consensual decisions for moving forward.

Much more than pretty pictures, this way of working can be applied to many different types of processes used with groups and/or individuals, including but not limited to: strategic planning and visioning, scenarios, team-building, conflict & mediation, info meetings & townhalls, design charrettes, training & workshops (any topic), personal and business coaching.

Why would I want to add interactive-graphics to my own consulting, facilitation, training or coaching toolkit?

The visual way of working is highly effective and very well received by clients because it makes whatever thinking you are leading them through clearer and much more organized – leading to better and faster decisions and a more enjoyable experience overall than regular meetings or sessions.

Quicker and better decisions means time and m0ney are saved (something clients are always looking for!). And more enjoyment means clients are actually happy, comfortable and pleased during the process as well.

Adding interactive-graphics to your practice literally helps you stand out from the crowd. Clients love their visuals and proudly post and share them with others. Leaving a trail for other clients to be interested and engage you as well. The graphics act as calling cards long after the original work is done.

And, working graphically allows YOU to have more enjoyment too. Creating charts ahead of time or live with your clients is expressive, creative and intellectually stimulating. If you are tired of the same old, same old … this method will perk up your practice and add a whole new layer to your work and professional growth.

You share so much info on your sites, why should I come for a 3-day training?

Thanks, I do generously share a lot of information on my sites … its part of my overall mission in life to be a supportive teacher and mentor. You can gather a lot by combing through my and other sites on the web … however; there is only so much you can get from studying this method at the conceptual level. At some point you must really EXPERIENCE it to understand its full power. Its not about the static image that is left afterwards, its about the PROCESS between you and your client(s) that went into making it that is so special.

In my workshop I teach you not only the conceptual but also the experiential. You see me demo the four main ways of using the base graphic skills and you do them yourself. Once you have been through my drills, exercises, and discussions – honed over a decade of teaching, you truly understand this work at deep, visceral level not just surface. I help you connect the dots you are missing from just trying to piece this stuff together on your own from web searches, reading, etc. so you can effectively do it yourself … whether you want to apply these techniques to individuals or groups.

There are currently four spaces left in my November 4-6 offering of The Graphic Coaching Clinic. For full details and online registration click here … FYI, even with last minute registration, my assistant can help you to get the special hotel rate we negotiated should you need local accommodation.

I’ve never seen this approach before and think it is brilliant – did you create this yourself?

Thanks for your kudos. The answer is yes and no – there are many people around the globe who have and are contributing to the interactive-graphics field and I have played an interesting niche role too.

The interactive-graphics in corporate and group settings (also called graphic recording, graphic faciliation, visual facilitation, meeting graphics, etc) has existed since the late 70s with the work of early pioneers (most of whom I have been lucky enough to meet and/or mentor with). I have been a group practitioner of this craft since 1995.

In addition to my facilitation career, I am a pioneer in the use of interactive-graphics in coaching and personal growth settings – building off of what I learned from my work as a strategic planning and visioning facilitator and applying it to coaching work with individuals (which is a passion area). Along the way I have created my own unique process called The SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process (r) that has 17 custom graphic tools called Merkley Maps.

If I can’t the November offering, will you be offering this again?

I will offer this course or something like it again. The next one will likely be in May 2010, although no dates have officially been set. Stay tuned to the SHIFT-IT e-Zine for announcements.

FYI, in addition to this public workshop, I do offer private one and two day trainings in my Victoria, B.C. studio. I am also in the midst of developing a Home Study Program (via audios & videos) and a Certified SHIFT-IT Coach credential to empower other coaches to be able to use my custom Merkley Maps – launches will happen next year.

Click Here to Review My Various Training & Mentoring Option in the Interactive-Graphic Skills

Whew, for you keeners, there you have it – answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about interactive-graphics. 

It’s not unusual to have a few last-minute people join us, so if you are feeling that powerful attractive force to attend, please listen to it and come … we’d love you to come play with us! The other participants who are coming are a delightful range of people from across the globe.

Join Us for the Graphic Coaching Clinic November 4-6, 2008 in Victoria B.C.

All the best with your graphic journey …

Doodlers Unite,


 Christina Merkley
Interactive-Graphics Mentor &
The SHIFT-IT Coach

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