Strange Days Indeed, Most Peculiar Mama!

“Nobody told me there would be days like these. Nobody told me there’d be days like these.  Strange days indeed. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar Mama”  ~John Lennon

John Lennon’s quote seemed an appropriate way to start as we are going through strange and peculiar times indeed.  And times inherent with a lot of possibility too – if we can just hang in there!

At the time of writing, it is the fall of 2009 – and a lot of the world is still holding its breath about this economic situation we are in.  Read the paper and you will get conflicting accounts of whether things are on the upswing (housing starts, stimulus packages kicking in) or on the downswing (just a blip in inventories being slightly replenished after a long fallow period or stimulus having an effect but concerns about what will happen after those funds and projects run their course).  Its not easy being green, or at least a greenback!  Confidence can be a shaky companion.

In a yoyo environment like this – one can be excused for letting your vibe get a little bent out of shape … it can be easy to be swayed by what is going on.   Especially if you are one of the folks who have been laid off or have seen your income reduce (severely or even just somewhat). Or you know people who have. Most of the human species gets a little upset when things like that occur – understandably!

The Higher Spiritual Perspective

It can be comforting and soothing to consider the higher view – to look at things from a broader perspective when our world is going through big changes.  As I’ve written about in previous articles, many of the teachers I research (Gillette, Roman, Bishop, Abraham-Hicks, Melchizedek, etc) have been saying for quite some time that an energetic acceleration is upon us.  Words like ‘arcing up of energies’, ‘moving up the vibrational scale’, ‘dimensional shift’ and ‘ascension process’ are different ways of explaining what is basically the same thing … humans are evolving.  And unfortunately, sometimes the evolutionary process can be painful, challenging and confusing – depending on how large our changes are.

Our Power

The ‘inside-outside’ thing is always interesting from a Law of Attraction perspective. Are we just pawns being tossed around by larger factors outside of ourselves?  Or, do we truly have power and freewill in all of this … are we really the creators?

When I poised this question to Theo in a recent private session, they said that there is such a thing as outside energy that impacts us … but each of us opted to be here during this accelerated time and we helped create it.  We elected to be here during this shift so we could take advantage of the unique energy conditions created by our collective intentions.  This transitional time is created by all of us, for the benefit of all of us – is the way that I understand it. “It is a time of grand transition and evolution of consciousness that allows for all individuals to come into the wholeness of their being, to integrate their soul in its totality and to express that upon this planet.” ~Theo

Its Not Over Till It’s Over

Earlier this week, I jumped in the car to drive over to my favorite coffee shop to start this article (I write best with a little noise in the background). I flicked on the radio and Lenny Kravitz was singing ‘It Ain’t Over Till Its Over’ (click to listen) … ohhhhh, such a good song!

For me, this song speaks to the beauty and challenge of being in process with something over a longer period of time – the ups and downs that can be involved.  In the song it’s about a love affair that hasn’t fully run its course. However it can also be a sort of theme song for the times we are going through – the grand transition as Theo calls it.  We have not reached the end. The process may have already been quite long, but it is not concluded yet.  Our ascension to better economic systems, a more cohesive planet, environmental consciousness, etc is still being worked out. We are in the midst of making a great shift – on the macro (society) and the micro (our individual lives).

The Anticipation of Good Coming

As I have the unique vantage point of encountering many types of people in my work, I see a wide variance of manifestations.  Some folks are completely unaffected (Problem? What problem? – Life is awesome and I’m love it, they say).

Others are slightly affected – nothing drastic is really happening to them but they are vibrationally put off by the negative noise around them – so they are treading water and holding off on taking any big actions to move themselves forward.  Playing a wait and see game. They have to be really coaxed to move. This seems to be a big majority right now.

Others are right smack in the middle of their big shift.  They have suffered a direct hit of some sort (layoff, breakup, death, disease … something of that magnitude).  And they are in that heroic journey of figuring out how to deal with it.  Some rise to the occasion.  Some are demolished by it … at least right now.

The difference that I see between the ones who are able to rise and the ones who are demolished … is the ability to anticipate some good eventually coming.  They can ‘find the feeling place’ of their shift.  They can catch a whiff of hope and do the work of feeding its flame.  They can sense a version of themselves waiting for them outside of the current chaos – beckoning.  It might not be constant, it might flicker in and out at times … but the glimmer is there.  And they take inner and outer actions to bring that version of themselves closer.

As a compassionate person I wish that I could snap my fingers and take away everyone’s pain … including my own when I get painfully out of the vortex.  It’s can be so hard to be on that razor’s edge, I know, I’ve been there several times in my own life and my own transition continues.  But we all need to do our own work.  Guides and mentors can offer tools and hold a positive version of our next selves in their minds.  But ultimately we are the ones who need to align with that energy. We need to find it within ourselves.

If you are struggling with a massive change right now, my heart goes out to you.  I wish you all of the very best in the heroic journey you are going through.  May you work your way into the vicinity of hope and find that happy anticipation of good things coming!

Hope if the key (Obama had it right in his campaign … its really true!).  Please do what you can to define your Future Self and work towards manifesting her or him. Many, many people are SHIFTing right now.  Let’s wish each other well and get through this grand transition – and bring about the new world that lies in wait for us!

P.S.  I write and create extensively and offer many resources to assist you on your SHIFTing journey.  I wouldn’t write an article like this and then just leave you hanging.  If you have been stirred up and need assistance in finding that feeling of hope, please go to my blog, e-zine archives and Soothing Saturday resources – which are all f.r.e.e.  May you find some things to assist!

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