Flex Your Focus Muscles for Fast Results

I’m in Southern California this week, in the La Jolla and Del Mar area. Julie (my biz manager) and I attended a training conference and I added on a few days afterwards – to check out the area and have some peaceful thinking and writing time.

In the mornings I’ve been exploring the beaches and cool canyons of the Torrey Pines park area. Getting a physical workout for my body but also a ‘mind workout’ too, as I listen to the latest Abraham-Hicks downloads on my iPod.

Jerry and Esther Hicks
Jerry and Esther Hicks and
The Teachings of Abraham

If you are a new e-Zine reader, you may not know of my addiction to The Teachings of Abraham — a.k.a. Abraham-Hicks. This material is my favorite source for good, cutting-edge ‘Law of Attraction’ and manifestation information.

Jerry and Esther are the inspirational husband and wife team who have faithfully been bringing this information through and sharing it for the last 20+ years. I’ve attended many of their workshops and cruises and am on the master program for their workshop downloads (anyone going to the upcoming Seattle workshop – I’ll be there!).

Focus is Paramount:
To boil their wisdom down to a core nugget — “you get what you habitually focus on”. And Abraham (the non-physical, universal intelligence that Esther translates for) tricks, cajoles and guides us on becoming more conscious creators with our focus. As it’s the emotions that flow from what we focus on (our ‘vibration’ in Law of Attraction speak) that impacts what is drawn to us … like attracts like.

The Alphabet Game:
The most recent process that Abraham has gifted us to hone our focus is called The Alphabet Game. May sound a little juvenile but what it is making us do is nothing less than true maturity — it’s making us become much more aware of our focus and trains us to use it choicefully. The game is simple, but it’s not that easy to do. It really requires developing precision focus muscles.

To play the game we work our way through the alphabet – finding words that begin with each letter, in order, that make us FEEL GOOD. You can play it by focusing on things overall that make you feel good, or lately I’ve been playing it in the middle or the end of a day and focusing on what occurred during that day that felt particularly good (kind of like their book of Positive Aspects process).

An Example:
By way of example, I’m going to play the game focusing on the trip I am just wrapping up. Here goes …
A: Alaska Air, Aletta, Assarat, art, Abraham, avocados
B: Beaches, bed, beauty, buffet, bikes, bellboys
C: Cactus, Cuervo, canyons, Carlsbad, chocolate chip cookies, chai
D: Desk, Del Mar, dollars, diamonds
E. Elegance, environment
F. Free ticket, food, flowers, flattening iron
G. GPS, galleries, grilled chicken, Glenlivet, gold, gas
H. Hertz, housekeeping, heels, hummus, highlights
I. iPod, imagination, inspiration
J. James, Julie, JJ, Jerry & Esther
K. Koenig, knowledge, know how
L. La Jolla, Lisa, laptop, lounge, The Living Room
M. Mexican plate, mp3, margarita, Michele, masterminds, mist, male models
N. Nodding, nice
O. Oceanside, organic
P. Palm trees, parking, paths, pool, phone card
Q. Quaint, quicksilver
R. Red Carpet, re-calculating
S. Soothing Saturday call, seafood restaurant, salsa, scotch, sunshine, smoked salmon, surfers, Salk, Scripps
T. Torrey Pines, Trader Joe’s
U. U-turns allowed!
V. voluptuous, valid, vortex
W. Wifi, wandering, walks
Y. yachts, yummy
Z. zeal

Hmmmm, the ‘x’ still has me stumped … those are hard. When you are done with your list … go back and review it a few times and really savor the good feelings you get (remember – you can play Abraham-Hicks’ Alphabet Game using any words that feel good to you … not just focused on a trip or a particular period of time).

My list might not do it for you (we are different people with our own idiosyncrasies and the meaning/stories behind some of my words won’t make sense to you) but your own list will. It’s not about the words anyway… it’s about the somatic FEELINGS (in the body) that the words elicit in the writer. Yes, there are plenty of other words that are true from my trip … but if they don’t feel good they don’t go on the list! After doing this I’ve got such a good vibe built up that I can’t even remember those other things right now (and that is the point!).

The Point of the Exercise:
When you do it, you’ll see that it’s not as easy as it seems – it requires some effort. Some letters come really easy, but other letters you really have to poke around for. It’s the underlying emotions and feelings that count — so don’t just go with any old word that starts with that letter … the point is to find a word that authentically evokes good feelings in you. You can’t fake vibration!

If you notice you have been on a negative roll, this is a GREAT exercise to interrupt and break your negativity and replace with a better feeling focus. If you personally know me, you know I’m not a Pollyanna. I can slip into bad habits just as easily as anyone — so I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy things that I can do anywhere and anytime to get my vibe (and my manifestations) back on track.

Our focus may fall off the rails but Law of Attraction doesn’t … it’s always listening (or feeling) the vibration of what we are putting off and boomerangs back to us forms that match the vibrational equivalent of what we are emitting. This seemingly simple Alphabet Game forces us to find and focus on things that feel better to us – in the process changing the vibration we are emitting. The boomerang effect gets shifted too. Better feeling things are attracted to us instead of worse feeling things. Now, isn’t that worth a little effort … pays off hugely in what we attract!

So, the next time you find yourself grumbling or feeling bad … or when you are in a good mood and really want to milk it – then give the Alphabet Game a go. Your vibration (and manifestations) will thank you for it! I look forward to hearing how this game plays out for you.

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  1. Harshada on

    This is the first time I’ve come across your site! I’m glad I did! Alphabet game is one of my most favorite games of alignment and it’s easier than others as well! This article gave me some new ideas about this game , I’m going to include that in my routine! Thank you very much for such a wonderful article! Keep going ?

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