Go for Your ‘A’ Life

Each of us has it … that leading edge in our life that calls us forth … that image and feel of our ‘A’ life beckoning us into Becoming Our Next Self.

It’s Different for Everyone:
What I love about the ‘A’ Life is that it’s different for everyone. Each of us gets to define what ‘A’ means for us. Might be buffing up your personal life – so you have more closeness, love and harmony in your relationships. Or, might mean adding more creativity, zest and spontaneity to your work life. Or kicking back and relaxing more (sometimes manifestation is about less not more!). Whatever ‘A’ is for you … it’s compelling and kind of nagging at you to emerge.

Your Whispers or Shouts:
In one of my SHIFT-IT maps … called the S.E.L.F. Inventory … I have my clients list out their ‘evolutionary whispers’. The things that evolution is whispering or shouting into their ear about what is next for them – what they really want to be doing (even if they don’t yet know how to go about it or the information is somehow confusing or perhaps nerve wracking to them). Sometimes evolution has built up quite a voice so the whispers have progressed into shouts. The question is … are you listening? Do you have the guts to follow your gentle yet increasingly insistent impulses?

Questions to Ask Yourself:
It’s easy to identify these evolutionary whispers – every one of my hundreds of clients has been able to do it, in a matter of minutes. I’m always blown away by the elegance of how evolution works through us, when we are brave enough to take note.

To uncover your own evolutionary whispers ask yourself these quick questions … and allow your answers to come forth easily (have pen and paper ready to jot your wisdom down!):

  • What Am I Here To Do?
  • What’s Next For Me?
  • What Do I Really, Really Want to Do?
  • If Time, Money or Ability Were No Barrier (because they aren’t!), What Would I Pursue?
  • Who Is My Next Self?
  • What Does My Soul or Higher Self Want Me To Be, Do or Have?
  • What Feels Joyful to Me?
  • What Must I Do, Be, Have So My Song is Sung This Lifetime?

Make Space and Room:

Gone, gone, gone.

Ahhhhh,Good Riddance!

One of the signs I personally have when I’m in ‘up-level’ mode is that I start chucking out stuff … my surefire sign that a new level of my self is on her way.

I am a naturally organized person and tend to fall on the sparse or minimalist side. I like to be surrounded by things that make me feel good, so if something doesn’t ‘cut it’ … it’s gone. (just went through a purge last week … couldn’t believe the pile of stuff that got chucked or relocated out of my office). Made room for my new painting easel (and the life that comes along with it!).

When my clients tell me that they just did a big purge or that they are spring cleaning … then I know our coaching work is having an effect at a deep, somatic level. In order to create your ‘A’ level life, ya gotta get rid of B, C, D or F stuff! That old stuff is just no longer a vibrational match to the person you are in the process of becoming.

If you understand the power of creating space and room for your next life … and find organizing or letting go of stuff a challenge, I recommend the ‘From Clutter to Order’ work of Alison Marks (she’s another of my old grad school friends doing cool work in the world).

For more on clutter and making room, see previous blog post.

Listen For Your Next Impulses (and act on them!)
After clearing room, you will have calm and space in which to listen for your ‘marching orders’. Your Higher Self knows what she or he is doing. It’s beaming directions to you all the time however you have had so much noise interference (your old stuff manifestations) that the lines of communication have been clogged.

Now that you have a sparser space, what are you able to hear, sense or feel in it? Back to those impulses that you listed out. After you clear some space, you will get intuitions and senses about what is next for you (or things will start showing up!). Is there something you want to get? Something you want to do? Somewhere you want to go? People you want to meet? Experiences you want to have?

An ‘A’ life is built by listening and acting on those impulses … one after the other in a calm and faith-filled way. Unlike the clutter that gets built up, our intuitive wisdom comes in easy, doable steps — when we create the proper conditions for it. Impulses come one at a time. They are easy and doable (not overwhelming … that is another side of you talking!).

The trick is to act on the impulse you are getting. When you do your next impulse (the next clue or guidance) will reveal itself … kind of like breadcrumbs (or gold nuggets!) along the murky forest path. Your job is to follow your guidance one step at a time. To trust it and to trust yourself and know, even if it might now always seem evident, that your steps are leading you to your ‘A’ level … to the life of your Next Self! It’s a fun and magical process that I take much delight in, in myself and in my SHIFT-IT clients.

Support to Manifest Your ‘A’. Life:
To aid you in creating your ‘A’ life I’ve crafted two new programs. SHIFT-IT Central, a new weekly support forum open to everyone on Monday, August 2nd, – seasoned SHIFT-IT clients and newbies alike. And, the new 9-month (like a baby!) Biz and Life Accelerator launches soon with invite only application process to my previous clients and mentees – watch your mailbox!). Both great ways to be in wonderful community as you Become Your Next Self.

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  1. Kay on

    Amazing, on clearing clutter! Last week I cleared out two years’ worth of email from all my accounts, and threw out paper and donated other stuff that no longer serve me. This morning I threw out the last lot. There is definitely a shift happening. It’s interesting that we have been doing this at the same time!

    Clearing clutter rocks!

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