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Last week I heard the news on the passing of Jerry Hicks from Abraham-Hicks – a man who through his wonderful work has influenced me deeply.

Esther & Jerry Hicks

I only met Jerry in person once (briefly on one of the Abraham-Hicks cruises). But I, like so many from around the world, feel a strong affinity with him and his mission via The Abraham-Hicks teachings.

The husband of Esther Hicks … his loving and gifted partner — it was Jerry’s strong quest for life’s answers that created not only a remarkable life for himself but generously so for the rest of us who benefit from the wisdom of their work.

Esther sent out a beautiful note … that captures so well the spirit of Jerry and their relationship and how it (and their work) will continue via Jerry’s new vantage place. There is also a link where appreciations for Jerry can be posted online.

Esther’s Email: Click Here to View
Appreciation Posts for Jerry: Click Here to View

In honor of Jerry, I’m reposting an article from a few years’ back containing The Wouldn’t It Be Nice If process. A wonderfully simple focus tool to get your mind (and heart) focused on what you do want (rather than what you don’t). A practical example of their Law of Attraction expertise.

A Helpful Focus Tool

Whether you are a seasoned SHIFTer or new to the journey, here is a helpful exercise you can do regularly to aid in the manifestation of your desired outcomes. Called the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” process – from one of my favorite sources of Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation information (Jerry and Esther Hicks and The Teachings of Abraham — see their book “Ask and It Is Given”). I’ve taken the liberty of creating a visual tool to help you do it.

Download “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” Map Here


1. Identify Your Focus Area:
Take a moment to identify the focus of what you want to apply your map to … perhaps you’d like to apply it to the topic of ‘right livelihood’ given the examples of my clients and students that I’ve been sharing with you (FYI: you can focus this map on any area of your work and life – whatever you want to bring more positive energy and focus to).

2. Answer This Simple Question:

Now that you have the topic you wish to focus your map on … gentle ask yourself this simple question: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If … ” and let answers pop into your mind. Record your answers on the map.

3. Suspend Your Inner Critic:

Write whatever comes into your mind – do not censor! The first step in manifesting what you want is to begin to articulate and FEEL what you truly desire. This process subtly helps you poke into the energy of what you desire – even if you still have resistance in the way (disbelief, doubt, guilt, embarrassment, uncertainty, etc). You are not making a locked-in-stone commitment — you are merely playing the ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ game.

4. Notice the “Hot Spots”:

If this is the first time you have poked into what you truly want and/or if you have a lot of resistance on the subject, be aware that it might feel a bit awkward to begin with. Keep going. Don’t give up. Notice how as you stick with it (like after the 5th or 6th answer) your energy begins to ‘warm up’ a little. That is normal. Pay attention to the ‘hot spots’ … those answers that ‘light you up’ (even if just a little bit) when you contemplate them. That my friends is ENERGY (what successful Law of Attraction is about). Big SHIFTs can begin with little sparks.

An Example:
FYI, your right livelihood (or whatever you are in the process of manifesting) will be an unfolding, evolving journey— its not like you will ‘get it’ and all will be perfect and set. Even with the accomplishment of big SHIFTs in your life … your desires will continue to morph and change … that’s evolution alive and kickin’ in you.

I’ve been doing ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice If’ maps for years now … and my answers continue to morph and shift as my next chapters gather clarity and momentum within me. Here’s one I’ve just done to give you an example.

Wouldn’t It Be Mice Map

Click to Enlarge Image

Please Note: do not let my answers influence you unless you truly resonate with them … what you want for yourself may be radically different … this is just where I was at in my journey a few years ago and I offer it by way of example of how to do the map … not what or how to think/feel! Your own guidance will direct you as to what the right answers are for you!

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  1. Mary on

    Thank you! I learned about jerrys transition from your facebook post. From there I bounced to the AH site where I read esther’s email. It offered me a glimpse of the power, grace and blissfulness of Jerry and Esther and the teachings of Abraham. Thanks for your posts and your broadcast of the AH message, and your work to bring visual tools to help us get tuned in tapped in turned on.
    With appreciation and love,

  2. Sandra on

    Hey Christina , thank you very much for this wonderful map !
    I do excersizes es – book of positiv aspects , and it is easy . I could not really figure out what to do with – would it be nice if ? Game. I tried writing down , was not working until I read this article and sow your wonderful map with great explanation !!! Thank you very much for your kindes , your generosity !! Very nice to meet you !!

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