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Melissa Nuwaysir Rome, Italy

Melissa Nuwaysir
Rome, Italy

“I LOVED SHIFT-IT Coaching, the maps and our work together. You are a magnificent coach! I admire your work – you are a true pioneer.

I see from a process perspective, that the Law of Attraction builds over time, that the steps pave the way and flesh out the vision, and that it’s an ongoing day-to-day process. That may sound so obvious, but with my SHIFT-IT Maps here at my side, I can actually SEE and FEEL that energy at work. It is the energy of POTENTIAL. And, it is very inspiring!

Excerpt from journal entry:
The sessions with Christina are powerful, transformative. I love the SHIFT-IT maps! I don’t know if it is simply the maps themselves (with their bright colors and drawings) or if it’s the way they portray a part of ‘me’ – am I that colorful, light, expressive and creative? Am I that successful, that happy, and can I really create all of that in my life? After each mapping session, I feel myself in an ethereal space in which I reconnect to a part of me that has always been here, but that I haven’t been fully acknowledging. It’s the experience of feeling and allowing my true potential to come forth.

I want to thank you with appreciation. I felt an immediate sense of validation – you saw and heard me in a way that others hadn’t. Your gentle coaxing and feedback gave me a new perspective on myself and a renewed hope and commitment to pursue my passions. You knew exactly the same language, except you spoke it more clearly and fluently. Learning and being led by one who has grown wise and strong, I came to recognize the ‘lost’ or dormant parts of myself, my soul’s call. I feel great joy in remembering again what that call is. It is priceless!”

Melissa Nuwaysir
Life Coach, Group Process Facilitator, Wife and Mother
Rome, Italy

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