Thank You Tom Kenyon and The Hathors: 12-Minute Sound Meditation, Loved It!

As THE SHIFT-IT Coach, I’m always on the look out for resources, methods and processes that help me and my clients SHIFT. Skilled sound and frequency methods are a personal favorite — as they quickly cut through the B.S. we are being bombarded with to reach and calm our core.

Tom Kenyon, a ‘Sound Shaman’ lives in the Pacific Northwest as I do … he’s on Orcas Island south from where I am in Victoria, British Columbia. I almost made his workshop at the end of last year before he went on sabbatical … but alas couldn’t swing it.

He just sent out this email message about a free 12-Minute Audio Meditation.   I’m passing it along because I think/feel so highly of his work and mission. And appreciate how he is making it available for anyone during these stressful shift times we are all in the midst of. I just listened to the track — gorgeous, mysterious and oh so calming!

If you are interested in learning more about The Hathors … check out The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization. I recommend the version with the two CDs.

Also, see the bottom note about his 90-minute talk at the L.A. I’ve nabbed a livestream ticket myself so I can watch/hear all from the comfort of my own cocoon.


 A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: Hathorian Stream of Light

The Hathors have been asking me to post this sound meditation for weeks due to the extreme stress that many individuals are experiencing and will continue to experience in their lives.

kenyon albumThis sound meditation is gentle and subtle, but its benefits are extensive, in that it allows you to gently release tension that arises from your present circumstances, and if you choose to work with it further it can help release negativity from your past

The meditation is 12 minutes long and is best listened to with stereo headphones or earbuds. If you have the space to do so I suggest you lie down and prop your legs up so that they are higher than your head and chest as this simple position will assist you to relax more deeply

The sounds that comprise the meditation are from a stream that flows on the island where I live along with Hathor sounds that are analogs from the light realms to release stress and to activate networks of light in your body.Breathe in long slow comfortable inhales and gently relaxed exhales, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it.

As you listen to this meditation imagine that a stream of liquid light is flowing through you from the top of your head down through the space of your body and out your feet and hands, gently carrying away stress and tension.

Keep your awareness in your physical body as you listen to the sounds of the stream and the sounds of the Hathors. By doing so you will allow the vibratory energy of healing and release to move deeply into your organs and other areas of your body that may be tense and constricted.

I suggest you rest a few minutes with your eyes closed after listening in order to sense the subtle energies that have been released within you. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you wish to create a listening session as long as you desire.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Hathorian Stream of Light Sound Meditation.

FYI: The Hathorian Stream of Light Sound Meditation was excerpted from a longer sound meditation that appears in a set of workshop CDs called Biophotonic Human.

This Hathor/Arcturian workshop took place in 2014 and explored ways to activate one’s own Biophotonic Network.  You can view, free of charge, the class handout that lists various scientific and lay-person-friendly websites, which discuss the science of Biophotonics. To find this class handout, go to the Articles section titled Biophotonics – Class Handout.

For more information about this unusual and thought provoking set of workshop CDs, click here or go to the Store at

A Livestream 90-Minute Video Presentation with Tom Kenyon

Once the page opens, you will see Tom’s photo on the left side along with the other presenters. His name is under his photo. Click on the photo and you will be taken to a signup page. Scroll down until you see the phrase, “Purchase live stream ticket.” Click on this to sign up. Please note: A robust Internet connection is required for viewing live streaming events.


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