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Visual Satsang – Private Support for Intense Times

Visual Satsang

Visual Satsang to the rescue! Oh boy, going on two years and our world is still cookin’ … The Early Days: When I started the pro bono Visual Coaching to offer support as the pandemic swept into North America … few of us knew that we’d be in for an extended haul. And that many… Read more »


During these shifting times, my Seva is to help folks think and feel on their most pressing topics. I offer Process Popups (every few weeks) and Recorded Visual Coaching Sessions (as my schedule allows). Below is the most recent Process Popup – Happy Birthday to Lisa and Joy! INSERT VIDEO: SUMMARY: After 10 minutes of meditation (which we always start… Read more »


Every few weeks I offer a Visual Coaching drop-in to assist with our transitional times. Here is the latest, including summary notes, video and visual maps. Summary: This gathering a mix of emotions were present. The majority were riding the waves of grief, having recently lost loved ones with a myriad of feelings depending on… Read more »

Calm Fort to Ride Out the Storm

Calm Fort to Ride Out the Storm [Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #38]. Kim an American coach has made some big shifts including a cross country move and how she works. Now the pandemic and U.S. politics are creating intense distractions. Her Mind is concerned about ‘failure to launch’. Watch as we use… Read more »

New Visual Satsangs: Join Us for Next 6 Months

The new Visual Satsangs start next week – just in time for the hairy American election and whatever its aftermath is going to be. I wasn’t sure when I launched two cohorts at the same time how things would go. Would one be favored over the other? Turns out they are neck and neck –… Read more »

New Visual Satsangs – Support for Intense Times

Oh boy, 2020 just keeps on cranking it up … When I started the pro bono Visual Coaching to offer support as the pandemic swept into North America … none of us knew that we’d be in for an extended haul. And that many other serious traumas would arise for reckoning and sacred sight this… Read more »

Update on Visual Coaching and Conscious Inquiry

OMG, what a whirlwind these last 4 months have been. Free Process PopUps (17 so far) and Free Recording Sessions (30+). Using Visual Coaching, Inquiry, Constellations, and a ton of other processes to help you do your Outer and Inner Work during these tumultuous times. Most meaningful work of my life. It’s growing and morphing me. Exciting where it’s leading … come on world, let’s shift!


Process Group #15 – 2020 Shifts (July 23, 2020 – Visual Coaching). A collective theme emerged this week – frustration at not being able to effectively focus and act. Martha and Karen processed this theme one after the other. Watch as consciousness guides all of us through their inquiries. From agitation to trust. From perfection… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #21]. RJ is about to leave an academic institution after 30 years of service.  Having supported many to clarify and express their gifts (myself included) he now courageously pushes off on his own quest. An adoptee, he and his reunited sister are about to share a home as… Read more »

Conscious Inquiry: Janice Sips Sky Mind

[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #20]. Janice is a consultant at a Canadian environmental agency.  Like many during these stressful times, anxiety is often present.  Watch how welcoming anxiety, rather than resisting it, is a creative portal to a lighter state of consciousness. Where harmony, hope, gratitude and joy reside. A place she… Read more »