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Karla Kadlec: Consciousness Consultant Follows Her Intuition To Our Graphic Facilitation Training

GLAD I FOLLOWED MY INTUITION TO ATTEND, LIKED ALL OF IT “My opinion on Fundamentals of Working Visually? I liked all of it! I’ve known Christina Merkley for several years now, given I was one of her teachers in the Energy Work that is now emerging through her. Always intrigued with the visual way she… Read more »

[Drone Operators Quit in 100s] Now There’s a SHIFT

There are different kinds of shifts in life. Some are easy. Some are difficult. Some come with having to completely reorient your life and figure out how to reconcile your past. Apparently the U.S. Government is having problems with drone operators leaving their jobs in droves. They say its overwork … others say its because… Read more »