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christina merkley by two of her visual maps from the free public visual satsangs #59

Follow up from Public Visual Satsang #59. See below for video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of next Public Visual Satsang – all welcome! Video: Timestamps: 0:00:00   Satsang Start Up 0:10:57   Meditation 0:13:17   [Self Inquiry] I Am Speaking My Truth 0:39:28   [Chat & Self Inquiry] Mid-Life Job Apathy 1:08:49   [Chat] Visual Coaching & Training… Read more »


Public Visual Satsang #46, Courage to Face Uncertainty

June’s Public Visual Satsang from Saturday, June 4, 2022. Courage to face uncertainty … 00:00 – Welcome and Meditation 03:57 – Reports & What’s Arising  21:19 – Susana’s Inquiry: Let the Ripples Be  51:05 – Systemic Constellation: Courage in Uncertainty 2:30:49 – Date of Next Satsang & Close Summary: Really beautiful and powerful Satsang –… Read more »


Process PopUp #32

Every few weeks I offer a drop-in Process Popup to assist with these intense times.  Here is the latest one, including summary notes, video, and visual map. Summary:  We start with 10 minutes of meditation and then reports about Inner Work and what is arising now. Peggy raises her hand.  She’s been contemplating the various sides… Read more »

Estelle’s Shift: Frustration to Energized

Process Group #17A – 2020 Shifts (August 11, 2020 – Visual Coaching). Estelle comes to Process PopUp frustrated. I facilitate Conscious Inquiry to help her meet and unfold the various layers of her upset. A quick Orphan Rescue – old conditioning from her past that Joy=Punishment. Then some Ancestral Healing around ‘everything must be perfect… Read more »

What Should I Charge?

[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #25]. The Systemic Constellation niche, like all process modalities, has been impacted by the pandemic and other 2020 challenges.  This UK facilitator wanted help with some business conundrums, including what to do with her rate.  After some Left-Brain discussion, I tossed the baton to her Future Self.  Who… Read more »