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Inside Glimpse Into My Schedule

Been wanting to post since I got back from Mexico … however its been busy, busy, busy. Had to find a minute to tally up what I’ve been up to.  Most I can’t share the visuals for, given they are private coaching and training clients.  However here are some blurbs, that give a sense of… Read more »

In Your Words: Our Practical Energy Work Course Reaps Results For D.C. Area Consultant Kathy Smith

A BROAD AND DIVERSE ARRAY OF TOPICS, PHILOSOPHIES AND THOUGHT LEADERS … IT REALLY WORKS! “I’ve taken Practical Energy Work two times now … I enjoyed it so much the first go round that I’m back as a Repeater. Christina’s course is a wonderful sampling of a broad and diverse array of topics, philosophies and… Read more »

Practical Energy Work: Join Powerhouse Cohort This Saturday

I’m excited … the energy is palpably brewing for Saturday’s kick off of the Practical Energy Work online course. Last year was the very first time I offered this special new course.  I created it after a series of remarkable events happened to me, which sky rocketed my intuitive and energetic abilities. Most of last… Read more »

[Starts Saturday] Tap The Wisdom of Your Right-Brain Smarts

As a Facilitator, Coach and Mentor to other Process Professionals across the globe, I’m always on the lookout for methods and approaches that help groups and individuals become their desired Next Selves. Since the beginning of my career I’ve been heavily involved in ‘working visually’ … using graphic approaches to assist groups and individuals in… Read more »

[Upcoming Course: Practical Energy Work] Harness The Right-Brain Intelligence Of Yourself and Your Clients

At SHIFT-IT School I offer a broad range of left-brain and right-brain courses and development experiences, all designed to boost the level of satisfaction, meaning and fun in your work and life. Last year I added a very well received new course to my roster: Practical Energy Work, my most “right-brain” program to date. In… Read more »


I LOVED HEARING HOW THE SHIFT-IT STORY AND BRAND HAVE EVOLVED OVER TIME – A BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE OF STRATEGIC THINKING AT ITS BEST “Extremely valuable – priceless. In Fundamentals of Working Visually I appreciated the variety of skill, content and practice opportunities – including questions that were asked and answered during this training. I was… Read more »


REINFORCE YOUR OWN RIGHT-BRAIN GIFTS AND BE DELIGHTED WITH THIS INTERNATIONAL LIKE-HEARTED GROUP “When I originally found Christina I was looking for training in her visual communication style. I couldn’t escape the ‘feeling’ that she was just what I was looking for. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to never… Read more »

Practical Energy Work: Claim Your Power and Mission

As a Facilitator, Coach and Mentor to other Process Professionals across the globe, I’m always on the lookout for approaches, methods and processes that help groups and individuals step strongly into who they really are. Deploying visual skills for decades already qualified me as a ‘right brainer’ to some extent. However my desire to help… Read more »

New Online Course Is Here: Practical Energy Work

This has literally been years in the making, so I’m thrilled to announce my brand new online course: Practical Energy Work. During my mainstream career as a Facilitator and Coach of Strategic Visioning and Planning I slowly woke up to the existence of an ‘Ingredient X’ in my work. Underneath all the left-brain, logical, linear… Read more »