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Shifting the Power – We Start in a Few Days

Shifting the Power banner with Christina Merkley and Anneke Lucas

I’m back with Anneke Lucas for a summertime offering of our online course, Shifting the Power. As per usual, we are attracting attendees from across the globe, particularly Europe given Anneke’s tragic childhood in that continent. Our themes of power, and courageously facing and integrating authoritarian and narcissistic abuse, are timely. Doing our deep inner… Read more »


Dropping Into Hearts - group picture of the 5 women who participated in Public Visual Satsang #63 against a backdrop of their colourful visual maps from self inquiries.

Follow up from Public Visual Satsang #63. Unfortunately due to complications from a power outage, there will be no recording for Public Visual Satsang #64 – although it was a beautiful gathering and I thank those who came and processed!  See below for the video, timestamps, summary, visual maps and date of the next Public… Read more »

Checking In and New Programs Coming

Hello. I hope all is well on your end, and that you are dealing okay with the intensity that surrounds us. We certainly do not live in boring times do we?! I’ve been in a very dense phase of development and growth, again. Thank you for your patience and continued support of my evolution. I… Read more »

Deep Inner Work Via Shifting the Power

Shifting the Power banner with Christina Merkley and Anneke Lucas

We’re delighted to report that the launch of our new course, Shifting the Power, is going very well! We begin on Thursday, February 16 and have 40+ registered so far. Click for Full Details and Registration My co-host Anneke Lucas is originally from Belgium. She and her story are known in Europe. As such we… Read more »

Shifting the Power with Anneke Lucas

Shifting the Power banner with Christina Merkley and Anneke Lucas

I’ve been coaching for a long time, almost half my life. When I first started, I was doing a lot of corporate Strategic Planning, so my coaching was pretty Left Brained (logical, rational and linear). However, as I experimented with visuals, took tons of varied training, and worked with more and more people … I… Read more »


A Note from Christina header image of massive brussel sprout plant in her garden

Time is flying. Literally. Isn’t it incredible how everything is accelerating of late?! Another month has flown by. Sooooooo much is happening. Personally, and for the world. What an incredible time that our souls have chosen to partake and participate in! And while fascinating, also terrifying and heartbreaking too. Each day I’m being taught anew… Read more »


A Note From Christina over two loves: a stack of books and her pup Presley

End of summer here in North America. I adore summer … I prefer to take all of August off. Since Covid began, I haven’t really been able to do that. So, it was a partial month off at least, which was still pretty good. We have a glorious woodsy backyard, with various hangouts, depending on… Read more »


A note from christina merkley banner with yin yang symbol against photo of forest floor and large dropped maple leaf

When I was 25, back when I was an admin assistant to a busy politician, I got the one and only tattoo I have … a yin/yang symbol. Funny enough, I placed it over my right kidney. When I donated that kidney a few years later, the surgeon chose to do a diagonal incision, to… Read more »