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[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #10]. Isabel’s side hussle in Graphic Facilitation was finally starting to pop … then Covid hit. Now she’s stuck with office dynamics that leave her livid yet strangely teary and silent. What’s up? Through Orphan Rescue we discover deep roots in the domestic violence of her adolescence… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #8]. Like many of us Joan has a love/hate relationship with the pandemic lockdown. We found it through her expansion-constriction polarity. Then we discovered a very important Orphan. Her 9 year old self who valiantly (and tragically) sacrificed her creativity (and other fun kid stuff) to fulfill… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #6]. Dorothy’s partner (visual skills student of mine) referred her. So glad she did as I personally found this session extraordinary given the spiritual/soul perspective on leadership, identity, status, aging and mobility issues. Poignant example of struggle between what our personality values versus what our soul does.… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #5]. Valerie opens with a list of pandemic related triggers, so I select the FLIP IT Good process as the approach. Watch her list out her ‘tribal thoughts’ and then get her Future Self’s help on the flips. Along the way a few Orphan Rescues and Ancestral… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – COVID Pandemic #1]. Orphan Rescue – use present day triggers to find and integrate earlier stress and trauma. Volunteer triggered by responsibility for household members during shelter in place. Rescue located two Orphans (0-5 and 26). Young Orphan – siblings with special needs and early deaths. Psychopomp assistance (death… Read more »


Hosted a fourth online Processing Pop on April 2, 2020 to provide mental and emotional support using my Visual Coaching processes and tools. Online Process Group – COVID (April 2, 2020 – Visual Coaching). How to consciously use present day charges and triggers to uncover and integrate unconscious trauma from earlier in your life, your… Read more »

New Online Course Is Here: Practical Energy Work

This has literally been years in the making, so I’m thrilled to announce my brand new online course: Practical Energy Work. During my mainstream career as a Facilitator and Coach of Strategic Visioning and Planning I slowly woke up to the existence of an ‘Ingredient X’ in my work. Underneath all the left-brain, logical, linear… Read more »

The Joys and Challenges of Group Dynamics

Audio Version: Click Player to Stream or Right Click on Link to Download. For full Audio Library of Past Messages, Click HereDownload MP3 Back in the day when I studied Organizational Development, we learned a model of development for teams called The Tuckman Model. And its something I’ve come back to again and again in… Read more »

Thrive Tips for These Accelerating Times

Christina with Sheila and Marcus Gillette

About 18 months ago I was feeling the pull to create a new program. A program where I would teach my clients not only about the online way of working but also about the other side of business expansion — emotional and energetic mastery. Something that most online biz programs do a poor job of… Read more »

Orphan Rescue Map & Instructions (Part Two)

Click here to download Terms of Use: This work is still in preliminary draft stage (yes, there are discrepancies between the map and the directions) however I have found that releasing early drafts of my tools to my e-zine and social media audience helps all of us. It helps you with inner work and it… Read more »