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Courses and visual maps with pens and drawing tools on a desk

FALL 2022 SEMESTER: SHIFT-IT – ONLINE VISUAL COACHING RETREAT Pandemic Prices Still in Effect: Save 50% Supportive and effective Visual Coaching experience – The SHIFT-IT Retreat. Gift yourself, or someone close, to three special days to personally retreat and literally draw your next chapter out. No art skills required, although creatives of all kinds love this visual… Read more »

Visual Satsang – Private Support for Intense Times

Visual Satsang

Visual Satsang to the rescue! Oh boy, going on two years and our world is still cookin’ … The Early Days: When I started the pro bono Visual Coaching to offer support as the pandemic swept into North America … few of us knew that we’d be in for an extended haul. And that many… Read more »


Process Group #13 – 2020 Shifts (July 2, 2020 – Visual Coaching). When one works in groups, especially during the current intensity, the likelihood of triggering is high. In this session triggers quickly occurred between a woman and a man. This session was exceptional as both rose to the occasion and processed their side of… Read more »