Category: Resistance

Our Frenetic Minds

A dear ol’ friend, Jeannie, post this on her Facebook page.  Over  20 years ago  I worked for a super duper Vision Team from American Institute of CPAs with her, back in my days with The Grove Consultants. Social media of course being a double edged sword. However its the useful and truly social side… Read more »

Sitting with Corruption

My oneness (nondual) practice has increased since the pandemic hit. Not only am I holding space for Inquiry with others (though my Process PopUps and Visual Satsangs), I’m holding it for me too.  Also getting my teacher’s help when I need it too. The entry point for Conscious Inquiry is always whatever is most up… Read more »


[Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley – 2020 #19].  As a transgender woman, Gala works deeply internally and externally. Her primary question now is what is her role and service?  At 25 she abandoned a promising musical career for the corporate path. As 50 looms her multi-creativity beckons. Future Self commands an end to mind games… Read more »