Should We Trust Self?

Follow up from Public Visual Satsang #60.

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0:00:00  Welcome and Meditation
0:09:01  [Reports] Several Check-ins and Hellos
0:27:47  [Polarity Square]  Distrust and Trust
1:04:20  [Self Inquiry] Balance
1:29:18  [Self Inquiry] Playful & Strong Handstand
1:49:53  Next Date and Close


Polarity Square: Distrust and Trust
As a creative, Elena has a variety of ideas and interests and is once again spinning a new version of herself. Can she trust her unfoldment with trust, ease and play? Or, must she force things as she thinks they must be? Watch along as we meet the universal polarity of Distrust vs Trust … and the breakthroughs that happen as a result.

Self Inquiry: A Balance of Practical AND Psychic
Karena is pulled between her passion for humanity and whether to ‘get a normal job for money’. Watch as we meet her tired Mind and Doer … and her sweet Heart that is understandably shrunk. Turns out that Intuitives run in her family. Her Mom was ahead of her time. We introduce Mind to Yes/And rather than Either/Or. In the now times she can be both Practical AND Psychic. What a concept!

Self Inquiry: Playful and Strong Handstand
Bree has a ‘do I stay or do I go’ dilemma. She founded a group that she voluntarily leads, however now finds herself triggered by it. After the preceding processing, she has a surge of energy and a renewed sense of her boundaries and values. Effective leadership is the longing. No to energy leaks and yes to alignment. We rescue a sweet Orphan, we’re here! Yes to the beautiful integration of Wisdom, Compassion, and Integrity. Handstand!

Visual Maps:

60A) Elena’s Polarity Square – Trust and Distrust

60A Public Visual Satsang - Elena's Polarity Square

Click Map to Enlarge


60B) Karena’s Self Inquiry – A Balance of Practical AND Psychic

60B Public Visual Satsang, June 5, 2023, Karena's Self Inquiry, Balance, Christina Merkley

Click Map to Enlarge


60C) Bree’s Self Inquiry – Playful and Strong Handstand

60C Public Visual Satsang, June 5, 2023, Bree's Self Inquiry, Christina Merkley

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