In Your Words: Educator & Trainer Judy Southwell

Judy Southwell Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer

Judy Southwell
Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer

“I have been involved in adult education for 25 years as an instructor, facilitator, and in curriculum design and program development. I really enjoy learning experiences where interactive, reflective and illustration methods are incorporated.

It is an ongoing goal of mine to illustrate confidently, use colour effectively, and instinctively use visual processing methods to interpret and apply information. It was for these reasons that I was drawn to Christina’s courses.

I’ve taken SHIFT-IT Online, Fundamentals of Working Visually, Business Essentials for Process Professionals and, most recently, Magic Marker Retreat.

I enjoyed SHIFT-IT for its comprehensive documentation and helpful templates, and loved using coloured pens and illustrations to bring clarity to the reflective exercises.

Fundamentals of Working Visually was a turning point. It is a really well designed online course. My learning was greatly enhanced through the combo of written materials, weekly lectures, Christina’s generous sharing of her knowledge and expertise, as well as the extra time to answer participants’ personal questions. Assignments were relevant, and it was fun to participate in the forum where co-learners shared projects and encouragement. I immersed myself–taking my sketch book everywhere (still do!).

Business Essentials was an eye opener, especially with regards to figuring out my ideal clients, potential offerings, a company name and elevator pitch, and how to stay afloat financially. I took this course online and enjoyed taking my time to think about and refine project work. I also thoroughly enjoyed the video interviews with experts and past participants.

Magic Marker Retreat was a super opportunity to gather with other visual keeners in person. It was wonderful to see Christina apply her craft as she drew out classmates to shift and break through resistance. It was remarkable to see the profound insights that occurred.

I have applied visual processing most notably in the planning and implementation of Instructional Skills and Facilitator Development Workshops in Ghana via a CIDA project between Vancouver Island University and a polytechnic in Sunyani.

I designed a pre-workbook (with visual templates), and I also instructed trainee facilitators on how to draw icons and use headings and colour when generating purposeful feedback. Workshop participants took up their new skills with great enthusiasm and applied them really effectively to record feedback on flipcharts and chalkboards. It was also fun to watch the Ghanaian humour unfold through their icons!

A Ghanaian colleague recently asked when I would be going back to Sunyani so they can learn more about visual processing! I’m looking forward to exploring effective applications for visual processing in instructional and other settings in local and international environments.”

Judy Southwell
Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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