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Born in ’68 I’m a Gen X’er. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was a Millennial … oh, to be so fluid with technology having grown up a “digital native”. But then I retract that wish because then I wouldn’t have memories of life before computers, the internet, cell phones, wifi and social media!  And those memories are precious

Straddling Two Worlds:
gen-xersI value being born at a time where my generation straddles two worlds in their lifetime. It’s challenging (to keep up with tech and stay relevant in an increasingly global market place) but it’s also a blessing because I still retain a visceral sense of what real world connection is (to places, people and nature) AND its importance for human beings. Technology has changed very quickly but in many ways we as a species haven’t. And that causes some real conflicts.

A Flip Flopped Lifestyle:
Slowly over the last decade, my lifestyle has become increasingly virtual. Where I used to travel and work in-person all of the time, I now primarily work online … occasionally meeting face-to-face. The ratio has completely flip-flopped.

A Positive of the Laptop Lifestyle

A Positive of the Laptop Lifestyle

Increased use of technology can be very handy. Frankly, I wouldn’t have a business if the internet hadn’t bloomed when it did. I’d never have been able to survive living in a relatively remote place with the unique niche I have … I’m on a large island off the west coast of Canada.

However, as great as technology is, it also has its drawbacks. Drawbacks that have subtly snuck up on me that I’m now realizing I need to ‘hack’.

What Bio Hacking Is:
I’m relatively new to the ‘bio hacking’ concept but in a nutshell, the premise is that our modern world is screwing up a bunch of natural conditions that human beings need in order to function properly. And bio hacking is about making subtle and sometime dramatic shifts to one’s life … to “hack it” so your human biology can operate better.

Light, Circadian Rhythms And Other Examples:
Let me offer an example to explain more. It’s been about a century since indoor lighting has become commonplace in the more ‘developed’ areas of the world. Same goes for plumbing, central heating, and other amenities more or less. So in the span of less than a hundred years we have ‘electricalized’ our lives. And JP Morgan trumped Nikola Tesla as to which frequencies would run through our homes and it wasn’t a good trump … but I digress.

Human beings do not evolve or adapt as quickly as our gadgets do. Unfortunately, a slew of modern illnesses have peaked during the last century too – which makes many researchers wonder about the causes and possible interventions.

As my lifestyle switched to using more electronics something also slowly happened … my sleep and my mood changed (let alone the size of my butt). For a while, I chalked that up to inactivity, stress and aging. However, in researching sleep I’ve come to also learn that light plays an incredibly important role in our lives … and our access to natural light has drastically changed in a short period of time.

Electronics and Blue Light:
Hopefully this will change soon as makers of electronics realize the error of their ways (or consumer pressure or lawsuits force them to change) … but electronics use white (blue) light. Blue frequencies screw up the clocks in our eyes (yes, we have clocks in our eyes I’ve come to learn!).

My Oh-So-Sexy Blue Filter Safety Glasses

My Oh-So-Sexy Blue Filter Safety Glasses

So in essence, every time you look at your phone (the average person does 110 times a day!) you are blasting your retina with blue light. Which is like a mini sunrise … same goes for your computer, tablet, TV, etc. Yikes, no wonder so many of us are on edge and have trouble getting 8 hours of sleep. Our innate circadian rhythms are way off.

One simple way to bio hack this a tad is to wear blue filters on your eyes and also apply filters directly on your gadgets. My private clients have recently seen me wearing my ugly orange safety glasses during our web sessions. Pretty soon I will get over my vanity and wear them when I’m teaching online classes too (consider yourself forewarned, haha).


F.lux Downloadable App:
Apple isn’t allowing this software on their products (because they are apparently coming out with their own version soon) however this wonderful light reduction app comes from a great husband and wife team. Called F.lux … it reads your time zone and dims your computer’s light to mimic the sun patterns of your region (i.e. when the sun sets, so does your screen hue).
Click Here to Access

Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens:
Use when doing a lot of computer work and/or after sunset before you go to bed (to help block blue from indoor lighting). You can get these affordable safety glasses which filter out the blue tones right from amazon. They ain’t pretty but they do the trick. More stylish varieties are available although I’m still figuring out the sizes of glasses online.
Click Here to Access

iPhone and iPad Screen Protectors:
Lots of variety to choose from on Amazon (be sure you get the correct size/model for your particular gadget):  iPhone  iPad

jack-kruse-open-mindDr. Jack Kruse on Gaia TV:
I’ve written in previous issues about my appreciation for investigative reporter Regina Meredith. It’s through her that I found out about Gaia TV (used to be called Gaiam TV) where she now does weekly interviews with leading edge folks.

Everything we know about our wellbeing may be backwards. Dr. Jack Kruse offers a complete paradigm change for the medical model of health, healing and weight loss. We have been taught that diet and exercise are the hallmarks of a vital existence. But he has found that consciously creating the right environment of light, water and magnetism may dramatically increase health and healing in the body. –

See Gaia Interview Here

Dr. Jack Kruse’s Website:
He’s a neurosurgeon and he’s a bit of a radical (I personally like that in a person). Interested in the nitty gritty about bio hacking your own individual environment?  He explains how in his elaborate blog and various programs. For new bio hackers, for the suffering sick and also for medical personnel (for those of you who took my Practical Energy Work class he gets into the physics about how we truly are light beings and how we need to work with that … light comes first). Click Here for His Site

I’m leaning towards joining one of Dr. Kruse’s programs, as I continue to bio hack my own lifestyle. So you will most likely read of more changes as I progress along this path. Hope you found today’s article of interest and good use to you. Now go get your devices properly filtered … as I don’t want you screwing up your light quotients while reading my stuff!


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