Sound Modalities to Aid Your SHIFT

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I’m sure there are other moments earlier in my life, but the defining moment I remember about the power of sound came during an excruciating workshop in 2008.

I was in Las Vegas (should have been my first clue) for a gathering that my American business coach at the time had recommended. She and several of her colleagues that I first learned internet marketing methods from were all getting into the Law of Attraction via this particular man.

Law of Attraction Bastardized:
I’d been studying LOA for years already and what was going on in that room was a far cry from my understanding of the work let alone my ethics.

manifestation-101With a highly materialistic orientation, he was in essence coaching this large crowd to bum money from strangers as a way of teaching how to ‘manifest’.

He set up a bunch of rules on how that could be done but the only teams who actually completed the assignment were ones who had broken the rules.

And that was his ultimate point, he was trying to teach us that ‘rules are for suckers’.

Uggghhhhh. There is some truth to that. That some outside imposed and some self-inflicted rules are best ignored but NOT every rule should be. It’s not a blanket insight.

In fact, it’s a danger to civil society to encourage people to think this way in my opinion. So self-focused without any regard for others, their well-being, or for the well-being of society overall. What if we all acted like this? What a mess our world would be … is.

The Clouds Miraculously Part:
Now back to the power of sound …

clouds-and-butterflyIn the midst of this icky workshop the clouds metaphorically parted and the sun burst forth via the form of two musicians playing crystal bowls and leading us through group toning exercises (chanting).

In an instant my ears and then my body were catapulted into a high vibration. We had shifted from ‘ick’ to ‘ahhh’ very quickly … and it was such a defining moment for me.

Law of Attraction at its roots is all about ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency’. And the workshop leader knew that at least on an intellectual level. It was hugely ironic that the pure and crystalline beauty of what these musicians were doing was in such sharp contrast to the tone of what was being taught.

After those musicians finished their set my vibe was positively glowing. I had got what I had come for – a profound insight. I gathered up my stuff and walked out of the event (much to the chagrin of my coach) and spent the rest of my trip at the hotel’s glorious pool in hot, hot temperatures!  And have never forgotten the power of pure sound to cut through bullshit!

Various Sound Modalities:
Since that experience I have had a sincere appreciation for the power of sound and have slowly but surely been learning more about it and integrating it into my life (and work to some extent).

Sound Baths:
My personal favorite is ‘sound baths’. I first encountered this approach at Rancho LaPuerta a Mexican retreat I splurged on a few years ago.

In a beautiful high ceiling room were these big white crystal bowls (with perfect pitch) in the center of the space. Older metal bowls or gongs are also sometimes used as well as newer multi-colored bowls made from various minerals and gems.

You find a spot on the floor to lay out with a yoga mat, pillow and blanket (preferably with your head towards the bowls). And lie there and ‘bath’ in the frequencies for an hour. Heavenly and not a problem if you fall asleep as the frequencies are still bathing you nonetheless.


The modality works off of the concept of ‘entrainment’. We are electric, vibrational beings who are very sensitive to the frequencies around us. So much of our world is of a questionable frequency nowadays. The crystal tones are much higher and sweeter … we literally bath in a higher frequency which refreshes our sensitive body/mind/soul.

Sound baths are spreading like wild fire so do an internet search and you can probably find one in your area. I’ve been partaking in several local ones including Matthew Kocel the OmShaman from Vancouver and Nancy Watters here in Victoria.

The Integratron:
In 2014 I was in the California around Joshua Tree National Park, so made a stop at the trippy Integratron. This “historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.”  Pretty much the mecca for sound enthusiasts. Highly recommend if you have a chance to do it!integratron-outside-and-inner-chamber

Brenda Williams and the Triad Wave:
Another personal favorite is the lovely Brenda Williams whom I first heard via the equally lovely Regina Meredith now at Gaia TV (see the interview here.

I’ve done several of Brenda’s trainings in her API Process (a way of syncing with helpful frequencies) and have also interviewed her for my Practical Energy Work course.


Brenda is the creator of ‘The Triad Wave’ … which is a sound technology in sync with the Schumann Resonance of the earth. Which nicely combats some of the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that modern living, particularly electronics, interferes with.

Slim Spurling’s Harmonizers and Light Life Tools:
Slim Spurling is another amazing character in the frequency and harmonics arena – although not strictly ‘sound’ per se.

Looking right out of central casting from a dusty western movie, he was a dowser who became interested in the effects of Geopathic Stress on people living in areas where the electromagnetics were distorted. Eventually creating a whole line of harmonic tools called Light Life Technology.

Slim, who died in 2007, was also a collaborator and guide to Brenda Williams mentioned earlier. His fascinating work is carried on by his widow Katharina Kaffl.
More Sound Related Practitioners and Resources:
The resources in this article are by no means comprehensive. My desire was to lightly introduce the concept of sound healing overall and some of the varying modalities of the field to those who may be interested.

As a Process Professional who is always on the lookout for methods that assist myself and my clients to shift … I also suggest the following:

  1. Eileen Day McKusick: Tuning the Human Biofield offers a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory and trauma (a thank you to Lisa Moore, one of our 2016 Visual-Coaches-in-Training, for turning me onto this one).
  1. Tom Kenyon: Been a fan for years. Check out the movie on his life and work: Song of the Earth – Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound here. If you are a Gaia TV member it’s included in membership here.
  1. Jonathon Goldman: Director of Sound Healers Association. Has spent the past three decades working to bring the healing nature of sound into mainstream awareness.
  1. Steve Skudler: Musician who embeds the Triad Wave into his work. I often have his instrumental music playing in the background as I write. Lulls babies into a peaceful sleep too (my trick when I babysat my cousin’s son).
  1. Practical Energy Work: Interested in sound and other practical modalities to assist yourself and your process work? My online course, next one will be offered in the fall.

Hopefully, I’ve given you a useful sampling of some of the sound and frequency modalities out there. If you have additional recommendations, please reply below as I’d love to hear what you are also finding useful. Be well, have fun and keep those vibes up!

2 comments on “Sound Modalities to Aid Your SHIFT

  1. Geri on

    Hi Christina, Brenda Williams mentioned the triad wave being offered in an app which can play in the background of your smart phone. I think that’s brilliant but cannot find the app in the the App Store. And tried contacting Brenda on her blog but she hasn’t replied. Do you know anything about the app, if it’s still available and where it can be purchased. I think it could help a lot of people, especially now with all the RF radiation out there.

  2. Christina Merkley on

    Hi Geri. Good question! Not sure where she’s at with her app nowadays. I had it for a while then it disappeared. She uses FB, so if you are on there, you may have better luck with sending her a message there. Good luck. 🙂

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